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8 posters to help you build your Nail Salon

Earlier this year Magnetic created a simple but powerful range of posters to help our clients deal with various business issues that kept coming up in their Salon. These issues range from appointment cancellations, no shows, people asking for freebies and even unrealistic client expectations.

When clients see the posters in our Showroom, they always ask are always ask us where they can get them from. So, to make it easier for everyone to get their hands on these posters, we have placed them on our blog.

Below you will find low-res previews of the posters.  To download a hi-res copy of a poster, simply click on an image and when it opens right click on it and “save as.”

Once you have downloaded the poster, print it out and place it up in your Nail Salon and let the message on the poster educate your client. More posters will be following shortly, however, if there are any posters you would like Magnetic to create, let us know.

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