Are you cheap or are you exceptional?

The success of your Nail Business will be built on the answer this question:,

"Do I want my nail services to be known as economical — or exceptional?"

It seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Of course we want to be perceived as exceptional. Who wants to be an average Nail Tech? Who wants to open an ordinary Nail Business?

But positioning your offerings as exceptional is more difficult than it sounds. It takes guts, unwavering faith in your abilities, and a dedicated commitment to building your business in a way that your competitors are too lazy to do.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve sat down with struggling Nail Tech’s and Salon Owners and said, “You have to start charging more money for your products and services.

In today’s Mind Medicine business training, for Nail Tech's I am going to have that same talk with you. If you’re a Therapist, Stylist, Nail Tech or Make-Up Artist, or any type of service provider in the Beauty Industry, this training  post is for you.


Why is it so tough to charge what you’re worth?

It seems like it should be easy. Do you need to charge more? Then just charge more!

But in reality, being a bit more more expensive than the average Nail Tech means:

  • You’ll lose out on some future business.
  • You will lose some current customers. (Those who care about price, not quality or value)
  • You will have to learn how to find and attract better customers. CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW
  • You’ll have to continue to believe in yourself even when people look you in the eye and tell you you’re being unrealistic.

The number 1 tactic used by Nail Tech's to attract clients is ,"“I’ll be cheaper than everyone else!” This marketing strategy has a name – COMMERCIAL SUICIDE!

It’s a bad idea.

Positioning yourself as the bargain Nail Tech sets you up for problems that are way worse than having to sit through sales pitches where you explain your pricing and the quality you offer.


The pitfalls of positioning yourself as a “bargain” Nail Tech.

Bargain Nail Technicians attract bargain-hunting clients. You have heard the old saying, “If you charge peanuts – you attract monkeys.” There’s a lot of truth in that statement! Bargain-hunting clients aren’t your best clients. Actually, they’re going to be your worst clients. Here’s why:


Bargain-hunting clients don’t appreciate what you bring to the table

Bargain hunters don’t appreciate the fact you have invested thousands of Rand’s in your studies. They don’t understand that you have spent hundreds of hours perfecting your skills. They don't see you as a Professional Nail Designer - think that you are just an ordinary Nail Tech. They don’t appreciate the fact you can do a better-looking set of nails that lasts longer than anyone else in your trading area.


Bargain-hunting clients view your service as a commodity

Nail Technicians are usually creative people and service-based businesses like Nail Business are people-based businesses. And no person I know wants their creative work to be treated like a commodity that is sold to the lowest bidder.


How to begin positioning your business as exceptional — not cheap

Getting the best possible price for your services starts with the right mindset. That’s right – you have got to change your mindset. The people who object most to charging higher prices for their services are usually Nail Tech’s themselves – not your customers.

The first person who has to be convinced you’re worth what you’re charging is you. When you look in the mirror in the morning, what do you see? Do you see a professional who gives her clients the very best Nail Services and who deserves to be rewarded for her skill?

How you see yourself determines how your clients see you.

You must price your services with the firm belief that you provide a quality service. You have to also believe that there are people out there who are willing to pay for quality - because there are. (Do you know how to find them?) But, you have to be prepared to walk away if the potential client doesn’t see the value.

Because after all, wouldn’t you rather earn a bigger income while serving fewer clients?

That’s what we’re aiming for here: quality clients who value your work — and are willing to pay for it.

Get your mindset right and the rest will fall into place.


It's not the economy -  it's you

I know what you are thinking, you are saying, "But Vaughan - look at the economy." In every economy, there are people making money and people who are crying. Have you seen the expensive cars that people out there are driving? Stop whining about the economy and put that energy into building your business and attracting exceptional customers to your business.

To be exceptional you need to build and control a customer pipeline that creates a buying experience which blows your customer away and allows you to charge higher prices. It's actually easier than it sounds and I'm going to teach you how to do it in the next few posts.

Take a look at the video below where World Renowned Marketing Guru Derek Halpern explains how a Hair Stylist he visited charged $310 for a men's haircut. (At today's exchange rate that's R5500 for a haircut)

In the next few training posts, I will show you how to setup a predictable customer pipeline that you control. One that;

  • positions you as an exceptional Nail Tech,
  • leaves your clients blown away by the entire experience and
  • and allows you to charge more...

How a Stylist charged $310 for a haircut


Thanks to exceptional Nail Tech Ivonne Vogt for the beautiful nails used as the featured image of this blog post.

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