How to become a money making Gel Nail Technician

If you have ever had a passion for nails but wondered how you could become a Nail Tech and start your own Nail Business - Magnetic Nail Academy has exciting news for you. We have created a Gel Polish Business in a Box that can help you quickly and easily become a Gel Polish Technician - complete with all the training, products, business and marketing tools.

Why become a Gel Polish Technician?

Gel Polish is the hottest and fastest growing nail technology system in the market place today. It is in high demand from consumers all over South Africa. It answers a growing need from from customers who don't want "artificial nails" but still want want gorgeous natural nails with colour or nail art that lasts for weeks.

Here are four good reasons why you should become a Gel Polish Technician...

#1 - You can qualify fast!

If you train full time, Magnetic's Gel Polish training is a one day course. But, the course can also be done over two Saturdays and then you are qualified. The training is quick and it is easy!

#2 - It takes 40 minutes to do a set of nails

Gel Polish application is similar to the application of Nail Polish and it cures quickly under a UV Lamp so you can do a set of nails in 40 - 45 minutes. This means, even a part time Nail Tech can do 2 - 3 sets of nails a day.

#3 - You can make good money

Take a look at the costing guide on the right. A Gel Polish Product Kit costs R1009. You will get approximately 50 sets of nails per kit. That means each set of nails costs you R20,18 in product use. The price for a set of Gel Polish nails varies from R180 - R270 per set depending on where you live and who your clients are. In this example, lets be conservative, lets imagine that you sell your Gel Polish Nails for R220 per set. This means that every time you sell a set of nails at R220, you will be making just under R200 profit per set of nails. Not bad for 40 mins of work. That means, a Gel Polish Product Kit will make you R9 991 profit.

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#4 - You can start your own successful nail business

With this months special offer, you also get a full day of our industry leading marketing training for Nail Tech's. Not only will be train you to be a world class Nail Tech, Magnetic will also give you business training and tools to help you start a successful and profitable Nail Business. The Business Training is valued at R1599 and comes with ready made poster size adverts and marketing tools that you can customize and use on Social Media. Click here for more info.

Get R6000 worth of Nail Technology and Business Training for only R4499 - FOR JULY ONLY! SAVE R1500

Magnetic's Gel Polish is an innovative, high quality nail system combines the ease of nail polish with the quality and durability of gel. This months Gel Polish and Business Training special Includes…

  • 1 Day Nail Course
  • Includes Gel Polish Training AND Magnetic Certificate
  • Includes Gelpolish Kit - Business in a Box - Top & Base Coat, 1 x bond and 3 x Magnetic Gel Polish colours. Purchase any additional selection of Gel Polish colours after the workshop
  • Professional 4 globe 36w Gel Lamp
  • Plus - files and buffers, cuticle pusher
  • Magnetic Nail Wipe and Nail Antisceptic
  • BONUS - 48 page marketing manual and Marketing Training to help you build a successful Nail Business.
  • BONUS - get two ready-made adverts for Gel Polish Technicians.
  • BONUS - Voucher for a Friend System to help you double your clientele.
  • BONUS 12 month Marketing Calendar


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