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Candice Abbott talks about the Image Cartels’ Nail Training

The Image Cartel- the brand that gave me a professional head start.

As soon as I walked into the doors of the Image Cartel, I saw professionalism at its best. The Image Cartel’s Training Academy has given me wonderful start to my future as a nail technician.

I am a high school student and I stay in Springs in the East Rand. I started my search for a nail academy during my school holidays. I had been to many institutions, but was not impressed by the training they wanted to offer and the way they went about things. How did I find the Image Cartel? I found them through an advertisement that they had for girls who wanted to do a basic nail art course for a day. When I walked into the the Image Cartel’s doors, I was drawn to it & so pleased. I really enjoyed the day that I spent there & the atmosphere was relaxed, & conducive to skill acquisition.

Tracy, the trainer was so friendly & accommodating. I explained to her that I was still at school, but would want to become a professional nail technician. Tracy willing made the time for me and said that I could start my training during the December school holidays. The following year I stared school again. This meant I would drive after school in the afternoons to complete & advance my training. The year after, my parents granted me the opportunity to be home schooled which allowed me to complete my training throughout the year.

Again, I would like to comment on the extraordinary flexibility of my trainer. Tracy understood that I had to pursue my education & so when my exams and tests fell on a date that was set aside for trying dates, The Image Cartel would move it to accommodate me and still allow me to put my education first. I am truly grateful for this provision

The Image Cartel ‘s training has opened my eyes to see that a nail technician is not something that comes over night, but requires dedication & a passion for art. The Image Cartel has helped me acquire a professional perspective on this life-changing career. The courses that I have completed thus far and throughly enjoyed are as follows: (1)Manicure and Pedicure (2) Acrylic Intermediate (3) Intermediate Gel (4) Sculpting (5) Air Brushing (6) Mix Media art class and (7) Electrical Nail Flying Technique. In addition to that,  I have received training perfected application techniques on Mrs Jones (plastic hand model) and in Theory. Thereafter, as a student, you are granted a certificate.

The products are amazing and of the highest standard. This standard is essential in allowing me to push out a quality finish on my customers. The training that is given is of the highest quality and its practical for when students have their own clients. I will never have to go and work for a boss as the training allowed me to start my own salon; one of quality and success.

The Team not only have professionalism but are  accommodating. The trainers  I have especially become fond of. They are my trainers, but also my friends. They have assisted me willingly, no matter how many questions I ask. They make themselves available in all respects. I want to thank Tracey, Jackie and Chantelle for all their kind assistance in quality training. Tracy continually goes to improve the amazing skill she has which benefits us as students. I can sincerely say that if any individual wants to make a success In the Beauty Institution & Beauty industry, Magnetic is the only place to go!

Everyday is a beauty contest, allow The Image Cartel to make you an everyday winner!

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