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How to create an exceptional customer experience – part 3

Step 6 – deliver a remarkable nail service

When Nail Tech's and Salon owners try and improve their business, they usually focus their attention entirely on the service that they deliver. I.e. how do I do a better set of Gel nails? However, what most people don't realise is this - in the customer experience pipeline, believe it or not, the service is not the most important part of the pipeline.

Now don't get me wrong, you obviously need to deliver a quality service with a quality product, but stop and think about this for a minute.

If you and your friends visit a restaurant and the food is amazing, but the service is slow, the atmosphere is bad and your waiter has a lousy attitude and smells of sweat. Would you be willing to go back? Probably not.

But imagine the same restaurant again - this time, the food is average, but, the service is awesome, the atmosphere is amazing and your waiter treated you like royalty - would you go back again? The answer is YES and you would tell your friends about your experience! In other words, they delivered a remarkable service - one that you would make remarks about to your friends.

You may be able to do the best facial, set of nails or massage in town, but if the small things, the details aren't taken care of, you will be an average nail bar with average service. There is another word for average service - forgettable.

One way to deliver a remarkable service is to talk to your client and educate her every step of the way. As you do her nails, tell her what you are doing and why. Let her know why you are prepping her nails the way you are. Tell her why you use the products you do. Let her know what other Nail Tech's do wrong and how they cut corners. This way, if she ever visits another Nail Tech, she will be disappointed with their service and she will come back to you.

remarkable choice-w480You are either remarkable or forgettable 

Once again, the ball is in your court. Will you be average or will you build a remarkable nail business? If your business is remarkable, your customers will talk about you all the time and you won't have a problem keeping your diary full. We hope you have enjoyed these practical ideas. Next week, we will cover the last three steps in the customer experience pipeline. If you have any questions or comments or remarkable ideas, we would love to hear from you.


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