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How to create a remarkable nail business – part 4

A days ago, I asked you if you want your nail business to be as known cheap or exceptional. Have you decided what kind of nail business you are going to build? Here’s why that’s such an important question.

In almost every nail and beauty business, the treatments or services sold will not be much different from any competing nail or beauty business. Think about it – most nail and beauty businesses sell similar services at similar prices. So, as the business owner, how do you set yourself apart?

Most try to do it by being cheaper than the competition. Bad decision – that’s a road that takes you nowhere. If all that differentiates you from the competition is price – you are in trouble.

There’s a much better way – set yourself apart through your customer buying experience.

The customer buying experience is all of the things you provide over and above the basic value offered in your treatment menu. In other words, it’s your chance to give your customers added value for their money, which will open up almost limitless opportunities to set your business apart from your competition.

If you can create a unique customer experience that your customers will remember, they’ll tell their friends and family all about it.



But how do you create these memorable added-value experiences for your customers? You do it by implementing the 9 step customer experience pipeline that we have been speaking about for the last three weeks. If you missed last weeks post, here it is. By the way, we have received awesome feedback from Nail Tech’s who actually implemented the welcome and reception ideas and the response from their nail clients has been mindblowing!!  Today, we will finish off this series by talking about the last three steps in the pipeline.


Step 7 – Rebooking and Point of Sale

After the treatment is finished, most Nail Tech’s walk their customer over to the reception desk and say, “that will be R350, how would you like to pay?” What can you do at the point of sale to wow your customers? First of all, make sure that your reception desk is neat, tidy and organised and that it doesn’t look like a disaster zone.

Look to other industries for innovative answers.  The next time you go out to your favourite restaurant, pay attention to how they present your bill. Pablo Picasso once said that ” a bad Artist copies, a great Artist steals.” What he meant by that was that a great Artist (by the way, Nail Tech’s are Artists) looks at something for inspiration and then takes the idea, tweaks it and makes it her own. I recommend that you do the same. Go visit a world class restaurant like Moyo at Zoo Lake and take a look at how they welcome you at your table and how they present your bill. Go out and find innovative ideas from other service businesses, customised them for your own business and then implement the idea.

I recently took my car to Autoquip to have two new tyres fitted. Before I paid for the tyres, the Sales Manager, spent just two minutes with me and quickly explained to me how I can get better wear out of my new set of tyres. That got me thinking. We don’t we do something similar in the nail industry? Why is it that in all the Nail Businesses I have ever consulted with, the Nail Tech never tells the client at the point of sale how to maintain her nails at home, or what to do if a nail breaks. The point I am trying to make is simple – add extra value at the end of the service and give your client something she has never received at a nail business before.


Magnetic Customer Experience-w790

Step 8 – The Farewell

Now its time to make the customer feel sorry that she has to leave. So, how will you say goodbye to your customer? Will you simply take their money and let them walk out of the door in the same way that other Salon’s do? How can you blow your customers mind when it comes to saying goodbye?

I know of only two nail and beauty businesses that have their Therapists walk their customer to their car. I have even seen a Hair Salon walk their clients to their car with a large golf umbrella when it is raining just so that the clients hair isn’t ruined. Once again, when looking for out of the box ideas, make sure that you look at other service industries, that’s where you will find original ideas that are really good – then put them into practice in your nail bar and I guarantee you that your customers will start raving about you to their friends and work colleagues.

Once again, when looking for out of the box ideas, make sure that you look at other service industries, that’s where you will find original ideas that are really good, ideas that no one else in the nail industry is using – then implement them into your business and make it a normal part of your day to day operational procedures.


Step 9 – After Sale Follow Up

In the South African Beauty Industry, customer service literally ends the minute a customer pays and walks out of the door. What are you going to do to extend customer service to after the sale is made?

Imagine how your customers would feel the day after they visited your nail bar, if they received an SMS or WhatsApp on their phone thanking them for their business and asking them to rate not only the service they received but also the entire experience at your business. Teach your clients to expect the SMS.

If you get a bad response or bad score from the SMS, you now have the opportunity to fix the problem, or even redo the service for the unhappy customer. If you receive a positive response, then make sure you get a customer testimonial for your website and Facebook page.

Just stop and think about this, of all the nail bars that you compete against in a 10 – 15-kilometre radius, how many of them consistently send out survey SMS’s or extend customer service to after the sale is made? The answer – ZERO! That’s why you have to do it.



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We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this series, but one final word. None of this will make any difference to your business or your bank account unless you put it into action. I have been helping nail and beauty businesses grow for the last 9 years, and every time I have seen a salon, spa or nail bar implement the ideas I have shared with you over the last 4 weeks, their businesses have grown and they have gone on to become THE EXCEPTIONAL nail business in their area.

What are you going to do about it? The ball’s in your court…

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