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How do you deal with Chop Shop Nail salons in your area?

Have you ever lost clients to a “Chop Shop?” Chop Shops are those cheap and nasty nail salons that are run by Nail Techs with no qualifications, no skill as a Nail Artist and they tend to use very poor quality nail products imported from China.

They attract customers by advertising very low prices for a set of nails. Clients tend to leave you for these Chop Shops because they think they can save themselves a little money. HOWEVER, you always get what you pay for. Chop Shops are cheap for a reason. Their nails usually look and feel terrible. I.e. they look cheap and to make matters worse, they never last very long They tend to lift, crack and yellow in the blink of an eye.

Eventually, your customer comes back to you – the Professional Nail Artist – after realising that in the long run she didn’t actually save money. But these Chop Shops cause you loss of income, missed appointments and aggravation. So, Magnetic would like to know, do you have any Chop Shops in your suburb and what do you do to prevent your clients from visiting them?

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas, so leave leave your comments below. In the meantime, you can click on this link to download the image we used on this blog post in a Hi-Res format and put it up in your professional Nail Salon. You can even put it up on your businesses Facebook page and start educating your clients about the dangers of visiting these Chop Shops

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