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Download the 2016 – 2017 Nail Tech’s Marketing Calendar

It’s that time of the year again when we publish an updated, improved Marketing Calendar to help you market your business and make the most of money making opportunities that are coming your way.

You may be asking, “Why do we publish the Marketing Calendar in August?”  

We get asked that question all the time, but the answer is simple. Winter is almost over and Spring and Summer are on the way. It’s that time of the year when business naturally picks up again. Smart Nail Tech’s take advantage of this.

Everything that you do right now to market your business will determine what kind of Spring, Summer and Festive Season your business will have. But, every marketing opportunity you miss now will mean that your business won’t have the momentum it can and should have throughout the summer months.

A free business building tool to help you make the most of every opportunity

Most Nail Techs don’t realise it, but every month and every week Nail Businesses just like yours are presented with marketing opportunities (otherwise known as money making opportunities). These are days, events and seasons that give you a reason to market your business and present your customers with special offers.

Let’s use Woman’s Day as an example. Woman’s day is just around the corner and Woman’s Day / Woman’s Month is a massive marketing event in any Nail Businesses calendar. (Or at least it should be.) Woman’s Day gives you an excuse to market your Nail Business aggressively and make more money.

Here’s the problem. Too many Nail Techs are disorganised. They don’t have a Marketing Calendar. So, Woman’s Day sneaks up on them. (uh-oh – am I talking to you right now) At the last minute they realise that they have to market their products and services, but now they don’t have time to do sales thinking and put together any kind of offer that works.

So – they slap a special offer together (usually a discount which is the wrong thing to do), they send it out to their clients and then they wonder why they didn’t get a brilliant response. They get discouraged and they market even less because their last marketing campaign didn’t work.

If they were organised and followed a Marketing Calendar, none of this would happen.

Every Nail Tech wants to sell more and more sets of Nails. If you want to make selling easier in your Nail Business then one of the best marketing tools every Nail Technician should have in their marketing toolbox is a Nail Technology Marketing Calendar.

In our experience, less than 1 in 20 Nail Tech’s even have a Marketing Calendar. They usually have no marketing plan and they always begin marketing special events way too late.

A Marketing Calendar helps you stay organised and gives you a step by step plan of action for marketing your Nail Business.  Magnetic Nail Academy has taken the hard work out of marketing your Nail Bar by providing you with a complete complimentary Marketing Calendar. Just click on the link below and download the PDF Calendar.

6 great reasons why you need a Marketing Calendar

  • So you can plan ahead and be ready to sell like crazy!
  • So you don’t miss money making opportunities that are right in front of you. For example “Pay Day” marketing. Most of your customers get paid on the 25th of every month. This means that on the 25th your customers have money burning a hole in their pocket. They want to spend money but they don’t know what to spend it on. If you had to WhatsApp or SMS the right kind of special offer to your nail clients on the morning of the 25th, do you think your sales and bookings will shoot up? Of course!!
  • So you can get your Magnetic to participate in your marketing campaigns
  • So your staff knows what will be happening and when. You don’t want to run a great promotion and staff aren’t clued up!
  • So that you can schedule enough staff for peak times.
  • 90% of your competitors are disorganized and don’t have a Marketing Calendar – you don’t want to be like them.

Click here to download the complimentary Marketing Calendar

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