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Feel like a Celeb – Purple Edition

It is Matric Farewell Season for Government Schools all across South Africa. This means opportunity for you as a Nail Tech! Chances are you have at least two to three High Schools in your area full of students who need to do their nails, make-up and more. Make sure you download on of The Image Cartel's Ready-Made Matric Adverts and get marketing. Go visit the High Schools in your area. Have the Ready-Made Advert below printed out as a flyer, place it up as a poster in your salon, email and sms it to all your clients. Lastly, make sure that you also do targeted paid advertising on Facebook.

Download and install this font first

I have used 4 designer fonts for the Matric Farewell Advert that must be downloaded and installed on your computer before opening the PowerPoint File. If you download and open the Ready-Made Ad without installing this font, the Advert will look different to the preview below. Click on the link below to download the font.

Click here to download League Spartan

Click here to to download High Tide

Click here to download Neris

Click here to download Antonio

If you need assistance downloading the fonts or the Ready-Made Advert below, please contact The Image Cartel via email - vaughan@imagecartel.co.za

Download the Ready Made Advert

Simply click on the image below to download the Ready Made Advert. The Advert has been created in a Microsoft PowerPoint format and is only 1MB in size. After clicking on the image, Windows will open a "save as" screen. Simply save the PowerPoint file to your documents folder in Windows. Please Note: When opening the PowerPoint File, if the text in the advert does not look like the text in the image below, you have not installed the required fonts above

Click image to download template

How to customise Ready Made Advert

Step 1 - Download the Advert and save it to "My Documents."

Step 2 - Open the file on Microsoft PowerPoint.

Step 3 - Read through the entire Advert and make changes as necessary. Add in your name, your nail business name, contact number and address where necessary.

Step 4 - Using the knowledge you gained in your Marketing Training on creating value-added special offers, (Lesson 7 - page 20 in your manual) add in your own first time special offer for a client. Remember to put a lot of thought into your offer as this is what the client will buy. Don't forget to follow the five rules!

Step 5 - Don't forget to regularly save changes to your Advert.

Step 6 - VERY IMPORTANT - Never email the PowerPoint file as an attachment to your clients. Instead, convert the file into a picture and insert the picture into the email. To do this follow these instructions. After you have finished editing your document, hold down the "ctrl button" and "a" button on your keyboard. This will select all the images and content in your advert. Next, right click your mouse button over the advert and select "save as picture" from the pop-up menu. Give the advert a name and save it in your picture folder. The picture can now be added to Facebook and emailed or WhatsApped to your client.

If you need any assistance with the Ready-Made Advert, please contact The Image Cartel via email - vaughan@imagecartel.co.za

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