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Floral Russian Almond – Step by Step Nail Art

High class nails fit for a gorgeous woman. This a classy modern design following new techniques in shaping of an extended nail as well as free hand 3D art.

Bring your skills to a new level and join us for in our shapes and 3D art classes coming soon!!

Contact us for more info ON 011 869 9111 or via email info@imagecartel.co.za

Step 1 :

Build a foundation on the natural nail with cover pink acrylic, create a deep smile line and the build your coloured extension free edge using a coloured acrylic of choice.


Step 2 :

With a micro art brush paint a fine white contour along the smile line of your nail.



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Step 3 :

Create your 3D art and apply your art firmly onto the nail with a clear acrylic.


The Final Design

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