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How to clean your nail brush like a Professional!

No technician can do a great job with poor tools, thats why Hair Stylists look after their scissors and Nail Tech’s look after their nail brush. Good nail brushes are not cheap, in fact a good nail brush can be quite an investment, but if you take good care of it it will pay for itsself over and over again – and it will last you a long time.

Keeping your nail brush properly cleaned, stored and maintained will save you time and make you money as a Professional Nail Designer. So, to help you maintain your brush and prolong it’s lifespan, here is the Professional Nail Tech’s guide to cleaning your brand new brush for the very first time.

Step 1

Remove the plastic protection cap when you have a new sable kolinsky brush. Throw this cap away, do not attempt to put the cap back on the brush once its been exposed to the acrylic liquid (monomer). The liquid can cause the plastic cap to melt into your brush hairs and damage it.


Step 2

the hair of a new brush is shaped with ruben gum. This has to be removed thoroughly by rolling the brush head over a brush wipe. The hair splits when the gum is not completely removed, this damage is irreversible.

Step 3

Take clean liquid and submerge the hair of the brush. Turn the brush to make sure that all the hair is coated in liquid. Wipe the brush hairs gently one or two times on a new brush wipe to make sure there is no excess gum. After this step, the hair of the brush should not be touched with your fingers.

Step 4

Be certain that all the liquid is gone from the metal ferrule to prevent discolouration. The residual liquid is not suitable for use because of possible contamination.

When you are not using your brush, it is important to bring the hair to the desired shape keep your brush slightly moist and storing it horizontally or hanging upside down.

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