How to lose customers and prevent sales – Crazy things that Nail Tech’s do

Just imagine that you are booked in for a facial at your local Salon. How would you feel if the Therapists started the facial using a Cleanser from Brand A, next she used an Toner from Brand B then she moved on to a mask from the local Pharmacy and then she finishes off the facial with a moisturiser from Brand C?

As a customer, you would be less than impressed! Would a mix and match facial like this give your skin a great end result?

Would you be willing to fork out your hard earned cash for this kind of mix and match service?

Would you let the therapist rebook you for another facial? The answer is NO!

Then why do Nail Tech’s all over South Africa do the same thing and yet still expect their business to make money?

Last week, I was sitting in a Salon waiting to speak to the Nail Tech / Business Owner. On the phone she told me that business is bad and she needed help to boost revenue and get customers through the door.

I arrived a few minutes early and sat in the reception just looking around while she finished her client’s gel nails. Within 30 seconds I found one of the reasons why her business is in trouble.

Her Nail Desk, (which by the way, is every Nail Tech's primary advert and place of work) was screaming a very bad marketing message. Her desk was packed full of gel products, but the problem is She was using five different nail brands to do a set of gel nails.

Mixing and matching brands is not a smart business practice for many reasons

Some of the products on the desk are premium brands, some are non-professional products. Different brands contain different chemical ingredients.

When Brand A was created, it was never designed to work with Brand B or Brand C. It is like trying to get Toyota parts to work in a VW – it’s never going to work.

Consumers in our day and age are more informed than ever before. They know what brands are good and they know what brands are bad. When they see a cluttered Nail Desk with odds and ends like this they know that they are dealing with a “backyard mechanic” who is not going to give them a great set of nails that will last.

Nail Tech’s usually do this to save money. This business owner may be saving a few Rands by mixing brands, but in the long run, is it worth the customer comebacks?

When times get tough, people make the mistake of saving money in the wrong places. Nail Tech’s stop buying quality professional products and they mix brands to save money and boost their margins.

The quality of your product determines the quality of your nails. When you mix the quality of your product to save money, the quality of your nails also drops.

Soon your client notices that her nails are different. She starts experiencing lifting, yellowing or splitting. Then, over time, you slowly but surely start losing customers. Most of them don’t complain because they are too busy to come back and get their nails fixed.

You find yourself wondering why customers don’t come back. You blame the economy, the price of petrol when the real problem is you and your rubbish nails. Never cut costs in any area of your business where the client will receive a less service or lesser quality results.

Why compromise on the quality of the very service that is your livelihood? There are thousands of Salons out there that mix nail brands, maybe this is why so many Salons do average ordinary sets of nails that don’t last - nails that customers won’t pay a premium for.

So here's my advice, regardless of what services you offer, pick a professional brand and stick with it! This way your customer will get a great result, whether it is a facial, set of nails, or a hair treatment. Study the best Spa or Salon in your city, the one with the best reputation, the one that is always busy and I guarantee you will discover that regardless of the type of services they offer, they never mix product brands.

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