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Those who are making money and those who aren't.


Without a steady stream of customers, you don’t have a business. But, what most Nail Tech’s don’t realize is that the hardest part of starting a new Nail Business is finding customers and keeping your diary full.

Because the market place is flooded with so many Nail Tech’s, it is no longer enough just to be a good Nail Tech to succeed, you also have to know how to market your Nail Business. If your Nail Business is in any kind of trouble it is probably because you are struggling to find new customers or keep old ones coming back.

These days, Nail Tech’s who aren’t making the money they should are everywhere. They are in every town, city and province of South Africa. Is it their location or is it the economy? From our vast experience of working with Nail Tech’s we have noticed that in businesses that aren’t doing well, the Nail Tech is usually working hard on the wrong things and they are making predictable mistakes.

But, the Nail Tech’s who are succeeding are always business minded “go-getters” who focus marketing their nail business and promoting their services.

As a Nail Technician, you make money by exchanging your time (in the form of a nail service) for your customers money. This means you can immediately tell the health of your business by looking at how many clients you have booked for today, this week, this month and the next 3 months. No clients = no nail business. In fact, without Nail Clients you cannot be a Nail Technician.

don't become


Every year, Nail and Beauty Businesses start and fail in South Africa at an unbelievable rate. According to Statistics South Africa, 2064 businesses were liquidated between January 2018 to December 2018. This means that an average of 168 businesses closed every month over that period. In other words, 42 businesses liquidated every week. In short, one business failed every 4 hours!

According to StatisticsSA, the main reason why most of these businesses closed down was because of a lack of cashflow. No cashflow means there were no sales and there were no sales because there were no customers buying. Most Nail Tech’s we surveyed in the industry are not nearly as busy as they need to be, just take a look at these industry stats from Nail Tech’s we surveyed last year.

51% of Nail Techs service less than 10 clients a week
Only 25% of Nail Techs service between 11 and 20 clients a week
Only 15% of Nail Techs service more than 20 clients a week

are you earning


The Image Cartel is passionate about the Nail Industry. We believe it is a growing industry where Nail Tech’s with the right approach towards business can not only succeed, but prosper and create a great future for themselves. So, if you are not earning a decent living in the Nail Industry, you need to stop and ask yourself “Why Not?”

We have proven time and time again that if Professional Nail Designers can be equipped with the right business skills – with a little bit of hard work and determination – they can earn a minimum of R1000 profit per day. That’s why we are committed to providing dedicated business support and marketing training for our customers. In fact, every Astonishing Nail Technology Course at The Image Cartel now comes standard with our Marketing Training for Nail Technicians.


introducing the nail technicians step by step guide to


In partnership with Industry Experts, the Image Cartel has created a marketing and business building program specifically for Nail Technicians. The workshop is literally a practical step by step guide to finding customers, getting your diary full and selling your products and services at the right profit margins so that your bank account grows.

So if have ever wanted to know how to market your nail business, get your scheduler full and put money in the bank, then make sure that you  get to one of these marketing workshops as soon as possible. The information presented is 100% practical and everything in the workshop is tailored to the Nail and Beauty Industry. Most importantly, the information is tried and tested to make sure you get results! Just take a look at some of what we cover on the day.

  • How to build your business on paper before you build it in the real world

    Avoid common start up mistakes and learn how to get customers and sales even before your business opens its doors

  • The only 5 ways to make money in a Nail Business

    Discover the only 5 ways a nail business can grow and make money. You wont believe how simple it is to grow a business!

  • How to create an irresistible offer that customers can't refuse

    This workshop will teach you how to stop discounting, make more money and create special offers that result in lots of sales!

  • Where to find your first customers

    Whether launching a new business or revitalizing an existing one, learn how to get more customers and how to get them to buy.

  • How to double your customer database

    Whether you have 1 customer or 100, learn practical methods of doubling your database in a very short period of time.

  • How to get free marketing from google that gets the phone ringing

    Stop being scared of google marketing. Learn how to get a flood of new customer and it is totally free!

  • Put your business in the palm of your customers hand

    SMS and WhatsApp marketing for Nail Technicians. Learn how to do it the right way.

  • Facebook and Social Marketing for Nail Technicians

    Everything you need to know about social media to grow your nail and beauty business

who should come


From more than 16 years experience of training, coaching and working with Nail Technicians and Beauty Businesses from all over South Africa, this workshop was specifically and intentionally created to help three different types of Nail Technicians in the South African Industry. We call them Start-Ups, Fired-Up’s and Burn-Out’s. Read below for more information on what this workshops can do for you, regardless of what type of Nail Tech you are….


These Nail Tech’s have a dream, they’re passionate and excited but haven’t opened a business yet. Right now, they are doing something else – maybe they are employed in a Beauty Salon, or they work in a Corporate Office and want to follow their passion and open a business on the side that will replace their salary.

This marketing workshop will teach “Start-Ups” how to start-up correctly. You will learn how to build your business on paper, keep costs low, get customers and find ways to generate cash flow even before your doors open.


These Nail Tech’s have pulled the trigger and have started a nail business, but, they are not yet able to live off the income from their business. Their Nail Bar is up and running but these Nail Tech’s need industry specific coaching on how to stay focused, get their diary full, become more organised and make their business more profitable.

This workshop will help them implement high impact – low cost marketing that sells more and more products and services.  This workshop will help your Nail Business break through to the next level.


Burn-Out’s are Nail Tech’s who have been in business for some time, but they are tired and they have lost their passion.. They find themselves committed to a business that’s not giving them as much as they are giving it. They feel like the business owns them instead of the other way around.

This workshop will give these Nail Tech’s a literal shot in the arm and rejuvenate a failing enterprise. Ninety-five percent of all problems in business can be solved with good marketing. This workshop will help you fall in love with your business again and breathe new life (i.e. cashflow) into your Nail Bar.

what clients say about our


I wanted to personally thank you for the very informative training we received from you. As early as today, I implemented a lot of your strategies in the salon and “oh my word!” it has made such a big difference. already. I briefed my staff this morning and shared what I learned yesterday with a positive attitude. we had a killer day. You are an inspiration and I am looking forward to more training with The Image Cartel.  – Monique Hugo – Bela Bela

The Image Cartel has the widest range of products and the friendliest staff who are more than willing to help in any way possible. The Marketing Course has taught me so much and by using the tools and Knowledge that The Image Cartel has shared with us has helped me double my client base.Thank you to The Image Cartel for caring for us little guys. It means the world to me – Carmen Nellie – Nailcandi Northcliff

The Marketing Training was awesome! In a very difficult and challenging economic environment, this not only helps us by means of marketing but it also blows a fresh surge of energy and spunk into me as a Business Owner / Nail Designer. Thanks You. Looking forward to more training – Madelene Du Toit – Nail It Studio – Brits

The Image Cartel’s marketing training has been absolutely phenomenal. I have gained more knowledge in this training than I have ever learned or read in my 10 years of working in the corporate sector. I am so grateful to The Image Cartel for their training and support. Mandy Whitfield – Shelanti Nails and Beauty Kempton Park

Thank you to the Image Cartel team for helping us to spread the word about our business through the internet and facebook. Todays marketing workshop was extremely usable. Now more people know about me and my business – Chandre Fourie

course investment


So what are you waiting for? Invest R1599 in your business by attending our workshop and The Image Cartel will help you market your nail business, find new clients, get your diary full and boost revenue. How to market my nail business includes…

  • Comprehensive 40 page marketing manual
  • 2 bonus ready-made Marketing tools for Gel and Acrylic Nails
  • Full days practical training with 100% money back guarantee
  • Tea, Coffee and Snacks
  • Bonus 12 month marketing plan valued at R949
  • Bonus 12 month Marketing Calendar
  • Bonus – word of mouth marketing system
  • Bonus 45 min follow-up marketing consultation
  • Bonus access to The Image Cartel’s Members Only Marketing Store with ready-made, customisable marketing tools for FaceBook, Google+, Web, WhatsApp, Email Marketing and Print media

bonus access to ready made, customisable


To make our Marketing Training as practical and as effective as possible, not only do we give you a step by step marketing plan of action, we also give you ready-made, customisable marketing tools for every step in your marketing plan. Take a look at some of the types of tools available below.


100% money back


We are so confident that our marketing workshop will grow your business, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee on the training. By the end of the workshop, if you don’t believe that the information presented will help you increase sales, get your diary full and build a better, more profitable nail business, you can keep the course material and we will refund you your cash in full – no strings attached, no questions asked. It is as simple as that!

Space is limited – so book your seat right now by filling in the form below and we will contact you.

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