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Nail Tech Marketing – How to sell your nail services to Brides and Bridesmaids

Weddings! What an awesome money making opportunity for Nail Tech’s.  You should be asking yourself, “How can I sell my nails to Brides and Bridesmaids?” Wedding are an opportunity to sell your expertise not just to the Bride, but to her Bridesmaids, her Mom and Mother in Law. Think bigger than just nails, think manicures, pedicures, nail art and gelpolish toes! Think long term business if you do it right!

Facts about the South African Wedding Industry

  • According to the South African Bridal Industry Academy (SABIA) the wedding industry is worth R27 Billion annually. Why not get a slice of the pie?
  • From information on StatsSA, there were just over 163,133 marriages registered in South Africa in 2013. In 2015, another 138 627 marriages were registered, plus 3467 civil marriages were registered. Every one of those Brides needs and wants gorgeous looking hands and nails on the day! (Note: Due to the time lapse between marriages being registered, and the information being collated, the Statistician-General’s report is always released in the second year following the year being analysed.)
  • The most popular wedding months are September through to December. However, Easter (either March or April) is also extremely popular. Use weddings to get your diary full, boost business and make the most of the summer upswing in business!

How many wedding parties have used your services this year? Have you even tapped into the wedding market yet?

How to sell your nails to Brides and Bridesmaids

Aside from the birth of her first child, to a woman, her wedding is probably THE most important event in a her life. It is her dream day, she wants it to be perfect and she has been planning it for months in advance – down to the very smallest detail.

On the day of her wedding, there are many things that can go wrong but nails should not be one of them. But, have you ever stopped to think about how important a Bride’s hands and nails are on the day of her wedding?

  • After the ceremony, everyone wants to see the Brides ring – and the Bride wants them to be green with envy when they see the ring (and her nails.) The Bride will literally show her ring and her hands to EVERY other woman at the wedding. Just think how many potential clients will ask, “Who did your nails?” 
  • The photographer will take photos of her hands all day – holding the bouquet, closeup’s during the ring ceremony, signing the register, holding the Groom’s hand, cutting the wedding cake. A lousy set of nails can ruin so much on the day!

So, here are 5 things you can do immediately to tap in to the wedding market and sell more nails.

1. Start with a sales strategy for Brides and Bridal Parties

Before you start advertising anywhere, sit down and do some sales thinking. By this I mean think about what you are selling, how you want to sell it.

WHAT you are selling?

Good sales thinking starts with identifying high profit margin services that are desirable to the Bridal Market. So start your sales thinking by studying your treatment menu and identifying exactly what it is you want to sell to Brides and Bridal parties. Here is a list of 2017 nail designs and trends that are most popular in South Africa for weddings.

  • Classic Elegant French – the option that never goes out of style.
  • Lace – the perfect compliment to a gorgeous wedding dress.
  • Glitter – draw attention to her hands.
  • Nudes – modern yet timeless.
  • Elegant Ombre with nudes and pinks and even floral fades
  • Floral designs – another timeless wedding classic!

Identify exactly what it is that you want to sell to potential wedding clients and then craft your “Irresistible Special Offer.” It is important that you do this properly because this is the “thing” that your Bridal client will be purchasing. We don’t have time in this blog post to explain how to do this, however you must click here for a practical article on how to create irresistible special offers. (A special offer in NOT a discount!) You are going to create a package for the Bride and another package deal for Bridal parties.

HOW are you going to sell it?

Now that you know what you are going to sell and how much it will sell for, the next question becomes “How will I sell it?’ In other words, what will my sales pitch / marketing message be?

If a Bride stood in front of you and asked, “Why should I let you do my nails?” How would you answer?

If the answer is about you, the brand of nail product you use, how long you have been doing nails or about how good you are – the answer is wrong. The answer must focus on the Bride and anything that is stressing her out.

At all of The Image Cartel’s Marketing Workshops for Nail Techs, we teach that clients buy products and services for only  two reasons;

  • To solve a problem
  • To feel good about themselves.

Think about the Bride who is buying your services. She is probably stressed out about the wedding arrangements! Most Brides have too much to do and too little time to do it in. Potentially there is a lot that can go wrong at her wedding – you need to explain to her how you solve her nail and beauty related problems. I.e. “Lots can go wrong, but if you work with me, nails won’t be one of them!”

So, for example, I have helped many Nail Tech’s sell their services to Brides but using a guarantee – “If you have any kind of nail emergency on the day of your wedding, we will immediately fix the nail for free!” This gives the Bride every reason to say yes and no reason to choose another Nail Tech.

I also recommend that your marketing message positions you as a wedding nail expert. I.e. “Sandton’s most sought after Wedding Nail Specialist.” Put your positioning statement on your website, Facebook Page and all of your Marketing Material.

2. Get tools to help you market your nail services

Now that you have a sales strategy you need tools. Tools always make the job easier. To help you, The Image Cartel has created a complete ready-made, customisable “Wedding Marketing Pack” for Nail Technicians. The pack includes;

  1. One x High Quality “Picture Perfect Nails” Wedding Marketing Template. (approx 65 cm wide x 92 cm high) See template preview 1 below.
  2. One “Nail Are Always Better with Bridesmaids” Wedding Marketing Template. See template preview 1 below.
  3. Nine x “Lousy Nails can ruin your Wedding” Teaser Adverts. (Approx 41 cm wide x 55 cm high)
  4. One x FB Time Line Cover
  5. Designer fonts included
  6. HTML Marketing template for bulk email marketing with Mailchimp. Mailchimp allows you to send out professional emails to 2000 clients for free!
  7. Video tutorials on;
    1. How to download the template,
    2. How to install designer fonts
    3. How to customize the template
    4. How to shrink the template for use on Whatsapp, Facebook and web

Template Features

  • High Quality Graphics
  • Gorgeous Designer Fonts
  • Created by Industry Marketing Experts
  • Fully customisable – change any text on the advert
  • Fully customisable – change colours of the advert
  • Fully customisable – add in your own unique offers
  • Fully customisable – add in your business name, logo, contact details etc
  • Can be easily edited in PowerPoint. No need to buy expensive software or know Photoshop / CorelDraw
  • Based on Emotional Direct Response Marketing Best practices

Template Previews


Wedding Marketing – tools to help you sell your nails to Brides and Bridesmaids


Just 2 of the 9 different teaser adverts

3. Promote your Bridal Nail Services and get them out there

We live in a day and age where it is quicker, easier and cheaper to market your nail salon than ever before – thanks to the internet, mobile devices and social media. One of the biggest wedding trends that has been documented in South Africa and around the world is the rise of the use of smart phones and tablets during wedding planning. Couples are researching everything from gowns to service providers on mobile applications. In 2015, the use of smartphones to access wedding service providers has nearly doubled from 2011 (33%) to 2015 (61%).

This means you must be online – ladies, it is 2017 – and by now if you are not online you are in trouble. You are probably saying, Vaughan, I am online, I am on Facebook. That’s not good enough! Everyone has a Facebook page for their nail business these days, including the “backyard mechanics.” You need your own webpage if you are going to be a credible, trusted professional. If Google doesn’t know about your Nail Services, then no one else will know.

Make sure that your adverts, specials offers and your gallery are on your website and then showcase your work on Social Media. Your visual online portfolio is proof that you are a wedding nail specialist. You have to get examples of your work up on Facebook and Instagram. 

Talking about Facebook, I also recommend advertising your Bridal Services using Facebook paid adverts. Since Facebook gets tons of data from their users, who enter it voluntarily on their profile (things like age, location, and interests – I.e. I’m getting married) they have a very good idea of who users are and what they like. Therefore, they can serve targeted ads that show them products that they are likely to buy, sites they tend to like or events they’d love to attend. Here are 10 other ways to promote your Wedding Nail Services…

  1. Place the adverts in your Salon Window
  2. Put the adverts in a Salon A-Frame chalk board
  3. Add your wedding special offers to your voicemail
  4. Put the adverts and the teasers up inside your Nail Bar – in a Perspex A4 display board at the pay counter, in every treatment room, in the reception area, on every Nail Desk. You can get these Perspex holders from Makro for nothing and they come in different sizes. Don’t forget to place all your specials in a “snap it” poster frame behind the toilet door where you always have a captive audience!
  5. Use Post Box flyers to the local neighbourhood.
  6. Place the adverts online on the front page of your website.
  7. Place them on your Facebook page.
  8. Flyers to be handed to each and every client as they leave reception.
  9. In your Business Newsletter/ Email Newsletter.
  10. Send an SMS to every client about your promotion.

4. Advertise your services on Bridal and Wedding Directories

Below is a list of Bridal Directories that I found in less than 30 seconds on Google. Directories like the ones listed below get huge amounts of traffic from Brides and Grooms looking for service providers for their special day. I recommend that you take a look at them. They all offer space to advertise your business and your services at very reasonable prices. HOWEVER – I always tell my clients to never rely solely on directory listings. But, advertising your business on a directory will boost your SEO rankings and business listing on Google if you drive people from the directory to your website.

I have browsed through these Bridal Directories and interestingly, I can only find make-up artists and hairstylists – but no Nail Tech’s. Here is an opportunity for smart Nail Tech’s to market themselves in a space where there is no competition. Note: Your advert on the Bridal Directory must make an offer to the prospect and it must drive people to your website for detailed information, examples of your work and customer testimonials etc.

5. Network with the right people

I have a friend who lives in the South of Johannesburg who is registered Marriage Officer. A few years ago, he managed to make contact with an Executive at Gold Reef City who manages the Wedding events at the Resort. He offered them his professional services as a Marriage Officer and within less than 5 years he officiated 300 weddings at Gold Reef City. I recommend that you make friends with people of influence who work within the wedding industry. Get to know Pastors who are Marriage Officers, get to know Wedding Planners, Wedding Photographers, Make-Up Artists, DJ’s and the Owners of Wedding Venues.

The ball is now in your court. There are always opportunities to grow your nail salon and make money. Take action today and get marketing your business! We hope you enjoyed this practical article. We would love to hear from you so let us know how we can help you build a bigger, better more successful nail salon. 
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