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Acrylic & Gel Nail Certificate

Acrylic & Gel Combination


Acrylic and Gel Combination Courses are ideal for anyone who is serious about Nail Technology and wants to have a long-term career in the Nail Industry. These courses are also excellent value for money. Because Acrylic and Gel are the two most popular nail systems purchased by consumers in the market place, The Image Cartel’s Acrylic and Gel Combination Course allows you to meet the needs of most customers as a Professional Nail Technician..

The Intermediate Gel and Acrylic Combination Course covers Form Application, Acrylic and Gel Sculpting, Reverse Application and Fibre Fix Training. The advanced techniques learned in this course will put you miles ahead of most Nail Tech’s in the market. In this class you will learn the following;

  • Structure of the nail
  • Contra-indications – diseases and disorders
  • Salon hygiene and sanitation
  • Professional Nail Technology Client Consultation
  • Nail plate preparation
  • Acrylic Application
  • Gel Application
  • Acrylic sculpting with a form
  • Gel sculpting with a form
  • Reverse Application
  • Tip application and blending
  • Pink and white acrylic application
  • In-fill and rebalancing techniques
  • Removal of enhancements.

Combination Course


The Image Cartel’s Intermediate Acrylic and Gel Combination Nail Certificate has been carefully constructed by 9x World Champion Nail Tech David Fowler to provide you with the right mix of practical skills and knowledge which will enable you to progress in your career as a nail professional.

  • Intermediate Acrylic & Gel Combo Certificate Duration: 8 Days
  • Course Times: Mon – Fri training starts at 08:00 and finishes at 13:30
  • Part time training is available for the Acrylic & Gel Intermediate Combo Nail Certificate
  • Course Prices: Contact The Image Cartel for more information
  • To Qualify: After completion of training, all Learners are required to successfully complete Theory and Practical exams and also submit a portfolio of evidence before receiving their final certification.

acrylic and gel combo


Your Intermediate Acrylic and Gel Nail Certificate comes with a complete Nail Training Kit. The Nail Training Kit is your Nail Business in a Box. The Image Cartel prides itself on giving our Learners the most professional and comprehensive nail training kits in South Africa. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not give you product samples that run out during your training. You always get full size professional products in your kit because we believe in supplying our students with more than enough Nail Technology products to complete their training and more. After your training, to help you through the start-up phase of your nail business, in the event that you need to purchase any additional technical Acrylic, gel or gelpolish products, all students get 10% discount off of the online purchase of technical products for 4 months after they graduate. Contact  The Image Cartel for detailed info on the Acrylic and Gel Combination Course Kit contents.


Because of our commitment to helping Nail Tech’s earn R1000 profit per day, The Image Cartel’s Intermediate Acrylic and Gel Nail Training comes standard with our one day marketing program for Nail Technicians. Click on the button below for more info…


The Image Cartel is constantly looking for ways make Nail Training more affordable for our customers. We are excited to announce that we have three innovative solutions to offer you safe, easy and affordable credit for your acrylic and gel nail training.

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