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After just one week of nail training

Being a training school, we regularly get phone calls from people all over South Africa looking for help and advice when it comes to doing nails. Two weeks ago, I received a phone call from a young lady who has been a qualified Nail Tech for a year now. She did a Gel Nail course through another Nail School but she was frustrated and needed some coaching.

Despite being trained over a year ago, her Gel nails were just not looking right. Take a look at the two pictures below.  If you look at the set on the left, the sides are too square and flaring out. The Gel was bumpy. If you look closely, the client’s side walls and cuticles were inflamed because of incorrect filing techniques. This all comes down to poor education. Even though she lives in a different province, we are coaching her and with a bit of practice, we know she will succeed.

Now take a look at the picture on the right. These Gel Nails were done by Andrea Carstensen, one of our students. The amazing thing is, she has only had one weeks’ worth of training from Magnetic, and they were her very first set of nails. These sculpted nails look natural, the side walls aren’t damaged. Andrea has a great future ahead of her as a Nail Tech.

In a market that is full of Nail Tech’s who can’t do nails, our goal is to train Professional Nail Designers who are the very best in their suburb and can charge premium prices. If you want a successful, sustainable future in the Nail and beauty Industry, then talk to us and we will gladly show you how we help Nail Tech’s earn R1000 profit per day.



A glimpse of some of our Students Work

All of the images below are pictures of our students work before they even qualified as Nail Tech’s

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