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Magnetic has solved your biggest business frustration

A few years ago, I did a countrywide tour of the Nail Industry where I interviewed about 80 different Nail Tech’s, Salon Owners and Managers. The goal was not to sell them products. I just wanted to find out more about the business side of the Industry. I wanted to know what Nail Tech’s loved about their business, what they hated and what their biggest business frustrations were.

I asked lots of questions, took lots of notes and let the Nail Tech’s do the talking. What I found was eye-opening and since then me and my team at Magnetic have been on a mission to solve every Nail Tech’s biggest business frustration.

Here’s what I found…

The Nail Industry’s Biggest Business Challenge

Regardless of where the business was situated (big town like Jo’burg or small town like Welkom), regardless of whether it was a big or small business, just over seventy-three percent of the people I spoke to had exactly the same problem at the top of their list.

The problem was “I need more customers, my diary is empty and I don’t know how to get it full”

The two things your Nail Business must do

The easiest part of building a nail business is doing a set of nails.

If you are a Nail Technician, please don’t take offense at what I just said. I am not saying that doing a set of nails is easy. What I am saying is that, when you look at the average Nail Tech, that’s where her passion lies, that’s where her focus is and that’s where 99% of her training lay.

The average Nail Tech is not passionate about marketing, has never been taught how to market her business and has no idea how to find new customers effectively and generate sales.

However, if you don’t have a Nail Customer to do a set of nails on – can you really be a Nail Tech?  You need nail customers if you are going to build a nail business.

But, the hardest part of starting and building any business is finding customers, and finding customers on its own is still not enough.

Every Nail Business MUST do two things if it is going to succeed;

  1. Find new customers
  2. Keep existing customers coming back

At the end of the day, that’s how simple business is. But every time, and I really mean every time I find a Nail Business that is in trouble, it is usually because the business can’t attract new customers or keep old ones coming back.

The Nail Tech’s that I spoke to all told me that they knew they needed help, but there was no one to turn to. They felt alone, like no one cares.

Why suppliers just don’t care about your nail business

You would think that supplier’s to the Nail Industry would care. But that’s not the case.

I can’t tell you how many times I heard Nail Techs complain, “My supplier just doesn’t care about my business. The only thing they care about is my next order.”

Or they say things like, “The only time I hear from my supplier is when they want to sell me something!” (Sound familiar??)

In my experience, here’s why most suppliers just don’t care. Nail Businesses are popping up all over the place these days. And they close down just as fast. Most Suppliers have the belief that if your Business goes under, its ok, they will just get an opening order from the next Salon that pops up.

If you are not working with Magnetic, the fact is that your current nail supplier probably doesn’t care about you or your nail business. We always ask the question, “what does your nail supplier do to help your business grow?” The answer is probably, “they do nothing!”

Magnetic does care, and here’s proof!

At Magnetic we have always lived by the philosophy, “If our customer doesn’t succeed, we can’t.” Think about it, “if your business doesn’t prosper, you won’t come back to buy Magnetic products or training.” If you don’t do well, we don’t do well. This means we have a vested interest in helping you succeed.

So, to help you with the Industry’s biggest business challenge, today we are officially launching our “Members Only” Marketing Store. We are giving Nail Tech’s the knowledge and the tools to find customers, get their scheduler full and make money.

From my years of experience in the selling Salon Software, I have become an expert at helping nail businesses just like yours grow. With the help of Magnetic’s Trainers, we have created tried and tested business tools that work. And our members can get them – FOR FREE!

The only criteria we have for you to get the tools is to pass through our Marketing Training. In the training (which has a 100% money back guarantee) we teach you the proper marketing skills for the Nail Industry and we give you a step by step marketing plan of action. Then we give you ongoing access to more and more tools that you can use on WhatsApp, FaceBook, your Website or even in print media.

Two types of tools are available immediately

We have created professional tools to

  • Help you find new clients
  • Customer service tools to get them coming back again and again

These include Ready-Made Emotional Direct Response Marketing tools and templates that you can download and customise for your own unique business. If you had to approach a web designer to develop your own email templates like the ones we give you, it would cost you between R2500 and R4000 per template. Take a look at some of the tools that are available to help you grow your business right now!


This month, we have uploaded the following tools to get you started

  1. Detailed Nail Techs marketing Calendar – make the most of every opportunity throughout 2016 and 2017.
  2. Salon Visual Assessment Tool
  3. Customer Service – Home Maintenance Email Template – look like a professional, remind your customer of her next visit and upsell more products and services with this gorgeous email
  4. Customisable Birthday Marketing Email Template – birthday marketing done right. Get a client to your nail business on her birthday without discounting your services.
  5. Customisable Client Consultation Form – used it to get your hands on the right client marketing information.
  6. Advert and Special Offer Blank Email Template – insert your ready made adverts into this professional email template.
  7. Social Media Visual Marketing Pack – everything you need to get started marketing on FaceBook, Instagram and Pinterest.
  8. Ready Made Advert – Sick and Tired of Nails That Lift – send this out to your warm market contacts like you were taught in Lesson 9 of your marketing Training.

Coming next week

  1. Ready Made matric Farewell Marketing tools.
  2. Voucher for a friend – a tool to implement with your marketing training in Lesson 10, “How to turn one customer into two.”

Become a Member, get the tools

If you are serious about finding customers, getting your diary full and earning R1000 profit per day, then you have to experience our Marketing Training and get your hands on these tools. Our next workshop is being held on the 10th of October and we have a few seats open. Click here to book your seat

Think about this, “The knowledge you need is available. If you don’t get the knowledge you need to grow your business, one of your competitors will, and they will use their knowledge to put you out of business!”


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