Does your Nail Trainer really know what she is doing?

Who is doing your Training?

If you were an Athlete and you wanted to compete at the highest level, who would you want training you? An Amateur or Professional?

If you wanted to be a world-class chef, who would you want as your mentor? An Expert who owns his own 5 Star Restaurant or someone who has only recently started started playing around in the kitchen?

The student always becomes like the teacher - so you have to ask the question, "Does my trainer really know what she is doing?" If your Nail Trainer isn't a Professional, the very best at what she does, do you really want her training you?

One of the things that makes Magnetic stand out as South Africa's leading Nail Academy is the fact that our Trainers have to be re-certified every year.

To give you the very best in Nail Training, our Trainers must, on an annual basis, learn new techniques, write exams and upgrade their skills - both as Nail Tech's and Nail Trainers.  If they don't, then they can't train for Magnetic.

Our Trainers must keep Improving

On the 6th of February I spent two weeks in Holland upgrading my skills and I also attended the "TRAIN THE TRAINER RE-CERTIFICATION" program for 4 days at Magnetic Nail Design Head Office in Soesterberg Holland. This is the 18th time I have been trained in Holland, most of my training has been with European Master Trainers.

I was privileged to train with an incredibly talented Nail Artist and Trainer - Jose De Vroed. She has been in the industry for over 20 years and was trained by Pepyn Borrel at The Pepyn Borrel Academy. When Pepyn moved over to Magnetic's Head Office. Jose followed and became an International Master Trainer with Magnetic.

I also trained with Natalia Gritsenko who is also an International Master Trainer for Magnetic Ukraine, Russia and all former Soviet Union countries. We brought Natalia to South Africa in 2015 Natalia and she was amazing! Natalia travels around the world to train Magnetic girls and she head's up Magnetic's Professional Trade shows in Ireland, UK, Greece and Italy just to name some of the regions.

Leaps and bound ahead of other Nail Schools

Not only has this re-certification course allowed me to become a better Nail Tech and Trainer - it also given Magnetic Nail Academy South Africa the means to train techniques and skills that no one else  in South Africa can. This new Train the Trainer program has put `Magnetic ahead in the industry as we will now have the latest and most Advanced Nail Training for Basic level students in South Africa. There is no one else in South Africa that trains new students like we do.

In this new training syllabus, we teach the classic structure of the nails - which we all know and have seen in the past. We then teach Salon Shape nails and then move onto teaching the latest Modern structure nail which is the latest technique for advanced Nail Tech’s. We introduce this technique in such a way new students will grasp Advanced Techniques quicker and easier.

Some of the advanced techniques we now teach new students are form and sculpting with level 1 pinching. We also teach form supports  - in other words, using forms which then allows students to build Modern shape square nails that look perfect and require less filling. This means your products last longer and less wastage occurs. You get more sets of nails from your products and your profit margins increase.

We teach Classic French, Reverse French Techniques when Sculpting with pinching and Baby Boom Ombre faded nails which are extremely natural. These are the latest European Trends in nail design for both Acrylic and Gel.

We have added Seal & Protect training as well as Gel polish training to our entry level classes. This means we offer more natural nail care training than ever before in our Classes. This is an added benefit for your business as it allows a new Nail Tech to offer even more services to their client.

Magnetic's new nail training techniques guarantee that you will be ahead in the industry when it come to building nails. This will also give you a step towards Level 2 Nail techniques when building Stiletto, Modern Almond, Pipe, Ballerina, Grace in Extreme Nail Design shapes.

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Magnetic's new AllRound Education program

Not only has our entry level training been radically improved, so has our most popular course, our AllRound Diploma in Nail Technology. We now offer an AllRound course that we believe is the very best on the world. The AllRound Diploma now includes,

  • Natural Nail preparation that includes Prep & Wipe & Seal & Protect
  • Tip Application with Ultra Form Tips - Classic structure technique
  • Sculpting techniques - Classic structure techniques with cutting form
  • Explanation of Modern Structure vs Classic structure in a Short Basic Square Salon Nail.
  • Form Support & Pinching technique
  • Acrylic Brush explanations
  • Natural White Application in Traditional technique in Acrylic
  • Reverse Acrylic & Gel Application technique explanations
  • Filing Smile Line Technique in Reverse Application with Extra White
  • Acrylic & Fiber White Gel
  • Acrylic Baby Boom application & techniques
  • Gel Applications with Builder Gel Clear, Fiber Gel Clear, Reverse
  • Sculpting Nail Plate Extender, Sculpting Fiber Gel White, Extreme White
  • Perfect French Smile Line with Top Gel, Baby Boom techniques.
  • Refill of Artificial Nails.
  • Glue Manicure
  • Broken nail procedures

More business training and support for our Nail Techs

To boost our already world-class business training for Nail tech's - we attended a half a day training with Tamara who heads up International Sales for Magnetic Head Office,. In Tamara’s class we learnt Sales Training techniques, changing your mindset with emotions in sales, developing a passion for sales, and building trust with your clients when selling them products.

We had a discussion in class on the various ways sales vary from country to country as the girls who attended the class were from South Africa, Italy, France, Russia, Ukraine, Holland, Spain, Former Soviet Union countries, England & Denmark. I gained a whole new perspective and learned an incredible amount just by interacting with people from around the world.

We also attended a very practical workshop on Double Dip Photography with before and after shots for creating advertising and portfolios. In this workshop, we learned how to take the perfect shots of your clients nails. Keep your eyes on our blog for lots of new pictures that will be coming from Magnetic. Plus, we will be writing business articles for you that will help you take better pictures for your marketing, particularly on social media.

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The leaders in Nail are are taking it to the Next Level

On the weekend we attend the most amazing 2 day Nail Art Classes with Albina Maria Garcia Garrido from Magnetic Spain. In this class we learnt Abstract and Floral Nail Art. Take a look at some of the pictures above of my work.

This amazing class comprised of new Art techniques with Gelpolish. Just as we would build inlay art into Acrylic we can now do the same techniques using Gelpolish and Builder Base Gel. This takes Gelpolish Nail Art to the very next level like never before. Here are some of the practical classes we completed;

  • Gelpolish & Builder Base inlay art with foiling, holographic FX foils, colour drops, crunch, shell stones, rhinestone, decals
  • Gelpolish Marbling techniques with colour drops
  • Jewel and Rhinestone Techniques with Magic Pigments
  • Gelpolish and One Coat Gel hand painting Rose designs with foiling and pigments
  • Embossed Clear Gel designs with Magic Pigments and One coat hand painting techniques
  • Embossed Rose designs with foiling and Magic pigment techniques
  • One Coat Carnival Designs with Mermaid Glitter

On the 15th and 16th of February we did Air Nails level 2 with Julia Rubzova who works at the Airmails Academy in St Petersburg Russia. All designs we learnt in this Airnails class were 3D Dimensional - this techniques brings your art to life with precise shading and outlining of your designs allows for beautiful descriptive designs including;

  • Snake skin designs
  • Flowers & butterflies
  • Hearts
  • Jewels
  • Space
  • Cats
All of these nail art techniques and courses are now on offer from Magnetic South Africa.

The latest Manicure Techniques

In my second week in Holland, we learnt the latest techniques revolutionizing the Manicure industry from Master Trainers Ingeborg Mesonides and Kateryna Gonchar. There had been a lot of controversy around the world regarding "E Manicures" as the cuticle gets cut away. Magnetic has developed the Perfect E File Manicure system that assures the safe removal of the cuticle. This new technique that Magnetic South Africa now trains will revolutionize the service in your salon with regard to the perfect manicure when applying product such as Gel polish & Acrylic.

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