Do not keep calm – Christmas is coming

If you have walked through any shopping malls this week you might have noticed that even though it is only the middle of October, most retail shops already have their Christmas decorations up. Some have even started advertising their Christmas promotions.

Most people look at this and get disgusted at the way the Christmas has been commercialized. But, if you are a business owner in the beauty industry, this should be aa wake up call for you. Every time you see Christmas decorations you should be asking yourself,

"Am I prepared for the biggest trading opportunity of the year?"

We all know the Boy Scouts motto, "Be Prepared." Well, are you prepared to make the most of the biggest money making opportunity in a Nail Business' Marketing Calendar?

But there's more to think about right now than just getting your diary busy in December. What usually happens to business in January? Clients spend all their money in December and after January's school fees and expenses, there is usually nothing left over to spend in your Salon.

It is genuinely easy to make money in the weeks leading up to Christmas, but it takes skill, intention, planning and follow-up to keep it going through January So, here's a list of things you need to start doing now to make sure you end 2016 with a bang that carries over into 2017.

Start Planning

Today is the 19th of October and there are only 9 weeks left until Christmas. You should already have a plan of action written out detailing what you are going to do and when. If you have staff, this plan needs to be communicated to them and they should be involved in the planning and execution of your Christmas Marketing. Your plan should include what special offers and promotions you are running in November and December. Will your doors be open on the 16th of December or not? All of this needs to be communicated to your clients.

Send out your "book now before it's too late" letter

In the middle of November, it is time to send out an email to all of your clients telling them that your diary is getting dont-miss-out-blue-w600-w300full and they need to book their December appointment now in order to avoid disappointment. The email should also contain your December Trading Hours as well as when your business will be shutting down. Nail Tech's who have attended Magnetic's Marketing Training can go directly to the Members Marketing Store and download a professionally designed html email to send to their client.

I created this email about  years ago and have used it in hundreds of salons and I am still amazed at how well it works. Every time this email is sent out, bookings soar.

Christmas Cards

It's time to go old school, Make a list of your best and most loyal customers and send them a handwritten Christmas Card. Yes, this is a lot of work, but handwritten means it is sincere and personal. Thank your clients for their business over the last year, wish them well and put a voucher for January into their Christmas Card.

Now, go to the Post Office and post the Cards to your clients. Why post the letters? Because no one does this anymore. The card will be a very pleasant surprise and will really "wow" your customer.

Create your special offers and promotions

This is a priority. Make sure that you spend a lot of time this month doing sales thinking about what products and email-voucher-preview-w300services you want to promote in November and December. Tell your suppliers what you are planning and get them involved. Make sure that your special offers are irresistible, compelling value added promotions - not discounts. Follow the techniques that you were taught in Magnetic's Marketing Training. To make your life easier and to save you time, Magnetic has created a ready-made Christmas Service and Voucher advert that you can download and customize. The advert has been designed to help you boost sales in December, but to also get clients coming back in January. Make sure you download it and use it.

More to come

That's enough to get you started. Make sure you get the tools and start using them as soon as possible. Keep visiting our blog because over the next few weeks we will give you more practical ideas to help you make the most of the Christmas rush. We would love to hear from you.


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