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When passion and professional training meet

Today we want to brag about one of our students. Her name is Chantell Purdon. When she first came to Magnetic to find out more about Nail Technology Training, she told us that she worked in sales but she wanted to be her own boss. Her goal was to do nails on the side and build her part time nail business into a full-time career.

Chantelle recently finished her training at Magnetic and qualified as a Professional Nail Designer. She is already well on her way to becoming the business owner she always dreamed of.

Just take a look at the picture below that was shot half way through Chantelle’s final practical exam.

Nails by Chantelle Purdon

I want you to look closely at the difference between the artificial nails and the natural nails on Chantelle’s client’s hand. The artificial nails look natural, bright, elegant, correctly shaped and have beautiful, feminine smile lines.

Now take a look at the clients natural nails. The artificial nails look better than the clients natural nails.

That’s exactly how a set of artificial nails is supposed to look. These artificial nails are the result of skill that is developed when passion combines with professional training. These are the kind of nail enhancements customers want, the kind that they are willing to pay good money for.

Chantelle is hard working and ambitious, but she is also smart because she invested in her future by making sure she got professional education and practical training at Magnetic. Because of her knowledge and her skill, she can confidently start to build a successful nail business because she knows that she can deliver a superior set of nails.

Magnetic is not just about Nail Technology Training. We want to provide Nail Tech’s with everything they need to earn R1000 profit per day in their Nail Business. So Chantelle, to reward you for your hard work and dedication, we want to give you a complimentary seat in our next “Marketing for Nail Tech’s” Workshop valued at R1199. We know that this will give you the tools and the knowledge you need to get find customers, get your diary full and double your income.

If Chantelle can do it, why can’t you? You can be this good as a new Nail Tech too! You can also be on your way to earning R1000 profit per day and owning your own nail business. If you have a passion for nails, if you are interested in being your own boss and building up an income on the side, then come and see us for a no obligation consultation where we will show you the possibilities with Magnetic!


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