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Reduce no shows by 80 percent in 30 days

Following on from my last post on SMS marketing for Nail Tech’s, I want to ask you

How much money has your business lost through missed or forgotten appointments?

If one client doesn’t arrive, how much does it cost you on average? Work it out, you not only lose out on the missed appointment – had you known the client wasn’t coming – you could have rescheduled her and put another client In her place!

You can immediately reduce the number of no shows by more than 80% in 30 days simply by using SMS appointment reminders.

SMS reminders will reduce your frustration, increase revenue and also encourage people to let you know if they need to cancel or reschedule. This gives your salon the opportunity rebook so that you don’t sit with an empty chair! What’s more, sending a reminder SMS is much cheaper and faster than phoning your client.

Make sure that you send out an SMS reminder 24 hours before the client’s appointment. Here’s some extra advice for you – YOU TEACH CLIENTS HOW TO TREAT YOU. Your time is precious and you have to make certain that your clients respect it. So, from now on, when you make an appointment with a client, tell her that you will send her an appointment reminder SMS that asks her to confirm or reschedule her appointment. Tell her that you expect her to reply and let her know that if she does not confirm her appointment, you will book another client in her place.

Here is a tried and tested SMS template that you can use immediately to stop no shows

<Name> reminder for <treatment> with <nail tech name> tomorrow <date> at <time> Pls reply to confirm or reschedule. <Salon Name> <Salon Number>

Just think, an expensive SMS costs 40 cents, but that SMS can make sure that a client doesn’t forget about her R400 appointment. Invest in your future and start sending appointment reminder SMS’s today!

Here is another free tool that will help you reduce no shows. Click on the image below to download a hi-res print ready A1 poster that you can have professionally printed. Put it up in your nail salon near the nail desk or point of sale area and I guarantee you that clients will respect your time!


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