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Rule #1 of Nail Tech Marketing

In my last post , “SMS MARKETING SECRETS FOR NAIL TECHS” I promised to give you more information and tools to help you get your scheduler full and make more money in your nail bar.

So here it is…

Rule #1 of marketing says, “the more information I have on my client, the easier it is to get my hands on her money.” In fact, if you want to make money in your salon today, you need client information. For example, I once helped a client sell an extra R18 000 worth of weight loss treatments in 1 day. How did I do it?

Simple. We put together a value added, irresistible weight loss offer like I taught you in the “SMS marketing secrets for Nail Tech’s” book. Then we went through her customer database and identified just over 100 clients on her list who were overweight. Next, we sent the offer via email and SMS to those clients and on the same day, 18 customers booked in for a weight loss wrap at R999.

Do you understand how easy marketing can actually be?

But…your SMS marketing is only as good as your customer information.

The problem is less than 30% of nail businesses in South Africa have an accurate customer database on a computer that they regularly contact! No wonder why so many nail businesses fail. Customers are the only thing that brings money into a nail business and yet most nail businesses don’t have an accurate customer database.

Your customer database is a goldmine and your goldmine needs two things:  length and depth. In other words, you need lots of people in your customer database and lots of information about each person.

The best database you could possibly have is the one you have created yourself. A list of your own satisfied nail clients. List building is the process of defining your market, setting goals and then figuring out how to develop a long-term trusting relationship with the people on the list.


I know that building a client list is boring, but I want to challenge you to create a database of your top 30 clients as quickly as possible. Here is a tool that you can use to help you. Click here to download an Excel Spreadsheet already setup for you to load your clients onto. As quickly as you possibly can, fill in the following information for your top 30 clients.

  • Clients First Name
  • Clients Surname
  • Mobile Number
  • Email address
  • Birthday
  • Favourite Treatment


Next, click here to download and start using this professional marketing client card for Nail Tech’s in. The client card is totally customisable with your logo and Salon info. It even comes with detailed instructions and it has a “VIP Customer Communication” permission form.

If you want your SMS marketing to go to the next level, always get permission from people to send them SMS’s. The word for this process is “opt in.” Don’t get upset if people don’t want your SMS’s In fact, get excited because now you know that you don’t have to waste time or money on those people. It is important to get the permission of the people you plan to send text messages to for 2 reasons;

  • Customers, who have opted in, are more likely to respond to your message and do business with you. They are “pre-qualified.”
  • If you send unsolicited messages this could create negative sentiments on the part of the recipient towards your business  and can hurt your sales.

In my next SMS Marketing post for Nail Tech’s, I am gping to show you how to eliminate no shows and cancellations by 80% in 30 days…

P.S. – If you want to learn how to use a client card like a professional, click here to read a post called “SIMPLE TEST – ARE YOU A PROFESSIONAL NAIL TECH OR A BACKYARD MECHANIC.”

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