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Say I Do – How to make the most of the Wedding Season

Wedding season is here! September, October, November and December are officially the busiest wedding months of the entire year. This means you have a massive amount of opportunity ahead of you to show off your expertise and provide value added services that make you stand out from other Nail Tech’s. As a Professional Nail Designer, what can you offer the Bride, her Mother, Mother In-Law and Bridesmaids? With a wedding package, including 2 x  Spa Manicures, 2 x Spa pedicures and a Set of Nails, you will make sure her nails, hands and feet will look great.

Eight weeks before the wedding

If you are going to offer services for Brides and Bridesmaids, your work will start about two months before the wedding.  The dress has already been chosen. The wedding venue has been confirmed, the couple has sent out invitations and it is now time for you to be more than a Nail Designer – your job starts as a Consultant. It is your job to build a relationship with the bride and as a consultant to discover her want’s, her needs and preferences. This means that you are going to have to find out about the Bride’s style and personality. You are going to have ask a lot of questions so that you can get information about every aspect of the wedding. Find out…

  • What will she wear? What type of dress, what colour?
  • What does the ring look like? Gold or silver?
  • Will she wear gloves?
  • What colours will the groom wear?
  • What is her budget?
  • Does she want artificial nails or just a manicure?
  • French Manicure or Nail Art?
  • Do you need to take care of her toenails as well?
  • Does the groom come along for a manicure or maybe the mother (in law)?

Together you will decide on which treatments you are going to offer the bride and when. Write down what the cost will be, and give her a quote or invoice in advance so she has an overview in this hectic period. Better yet, if she pays for everything ahead, give her a complimentary valued added service or a free matching Nail Lacquer. Your will also give the Bride a wedding gift – one or two retail items from Magnetics’ Manipure range so that she can continue to care for her hands at home after she books in for a Spa Manicure at your Nail Business. If the Bride has weak natural nails, then give her a matching Nail Force Nail Hardener along with it.

Five weeks before the wedding

More than a month before the wedding day, the Bride should book in for her first hand treatment. She should experience a full Spa Manicure and Pedicure from Magnetic. Make sure you treat her hands with Manipure Scrub, Massage, Mask and Nail Care so that she can see visible results and younger looking hands. It is also a good idea to add a paraffin treatment. The Bride will now be grooming her hands every day with hand cream and cuticle cream for soft, smooth cuticles. It is critical that you give her a stack of business cards along with a special offer for guests of the bride and groom. (We will teach you how to create these special offers in a future blog post)

Two weeks before the wedding

Two weeks before the wedding you decide together with the Bride whether the nails will get a French Manicure, Nail Art or a coloured polish. Ask the bride to bring a photo of her dress or a piece of fabric of the dress, or perhaps her shoes. Then you match it with the right colour Nail Polish or Gelpolish. Will she go for Nail Art, romantic hearts, a lace pattern or design with rings? The choices are endless. If she wants a floral print, choose flowers and colours from the bridal bouquet. At this appointment, you will give the Bride another Spa Manicure and a Magnetic Pedicure.

The day before the wedding

At this appointment, you pull out all the stops to give the Bride the beautiful nails she is now expecting from you. Plan at least half an hour extra time for any problems. Give extra attention to her ring finger – that is what the wedding literally is all about. Please note that the bride-to-be is nervous, so only talk positive. Leave any negative comments on torn cuticles or the like out. Give her your mobile number in case she breaks a nail right before the ceremony. Lots can go wrong on the day so give her peace of mind and let her know that you will be available for her if something should go wrong with her nails. The chances are small, but it can happen. Don’t forget to take care of the with Magnetics’ Gelpolish. It is also a good idea to provide a Home Maintenance Kit for the maintenance of her nails on Honeymoon!.

If you serve your client in this professional manner, not only will she have beautiful hands and feet on her wedding day, she will also recommend you to her friends and family members. All the guests will admire her nails when she shows off her wedding ring. You cannot get better advertising than this!

Practical Tips

  • If the bride never had artificial nails before, you probably better offer her Magnetics’ Gelpolish. Or start a few months prior with artificial nails so they can get used to it.
  • Don’t make the nails too long and file them round or oval, so they will not scratch when shaking the hands.
  • Did you use polish? Give her the bottle as well as a Polish Corrector Pen along. In case of Gelpolish; give her a matching Polish.
  • Ask if you can use a wedding photo of the couple: of course, with the rings and your nails for your portfolio and for promotion on your website.
  • Work with a hairdresser, beautician and tanning salon or Spray Tan Studio to create a total arrangement. Pay Attention: too tanned is not pretty, especially if the groom is still pale.

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