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How to sell more nails during Matric Farewell season

I was talking to a Business Analyst who works with a Salon Software Company earlier this month and I was shocked to hear what he had to say. On average, the Salons they work with, (and there are hundreds of them around the country) turnover is down 28% compared to last year this time.

Economically this has been a difficult year for South African Small Business Owners. BUT, in every economy, during good times and bad times, there is always opportunity to make money.

For example – Matric Farewell Season!

It is that time of the year when government schools all over South Africa are holding their Matric Farewells. For most Matric Students, this event is the highlight of the year. They  have been waiting for this night for the last 5 years.

This presents a massive business opportunity for Nail Techs and Salon Owners. Think about it. There are at least two high schools in your suburb. I am being conservative, because there are probably a lot more than two in your area. For example, in Alberton where Magnetic is based, there are at least six that I can think of without breaking a sweat.

In each school, there are at least 100 Matric girls who need mani’s pedi’s, nails and make-up. They want to look gorgeous and remember this night for the rest of their lives. They have the perfect dress, a gorgeous pair of shoes and accessories to go. But, who cares about all that if their nails, hair, hands and feet look terrible.

This means these girls NEED YOU. They need your nail skills.

For hard working Nail Techs with sales balls and initiative, this means a money-making opportunity. However, opportunities are like sunrises, if you wait too long you will miss it.

This means you have got to take action.

Instead of worrying about the state of the economy or complaining about it, take that energy and direct it to “income generating activities” like marketing. Here are some practical income generating ideas and tools to help you make money from Matric Farewell Season

Download the Ready-Made Matric Adverts

Tools always make the job easier, and we know that creating adverts and marketing material is really hard. Thats why we have designed ready-made emotional direct response marketing tools for our Nail Techs. Click here to visit the “Online Martketing Store”  Choose one that suits your salons look and feel and the download and customize the Matric Farewell Advert with your own special offer and contact info. We have created different adverts for different businesses and markets including the African market.

The adverts have been crated in A3 Poster size, so have them printed out and placed up all over your salon. But, you can also shrink them down and email, or whatsapp them to your clients. Here are just two of the five that are available to clients who have attended marketing training for Nail Techs.

How to sell more nails during Matric Farewell season

Partner with another Beauty Business

Do your best to partner with another Beauty Business in your area, for example, hair and nails always go together. So if you don’t offer hair or make-up services, partner with someone who does. This way you can offer Matric Customers more value and you can leverage off of each others database.

Targeted Facebook Advertising

One of the critical things you have to do is targeted marketing on Facebook. Take your ready-made Matric Farewell advert and place it up on Facebook and boost the post. Facebooks targeted marketing is awesome because it allows you to place your advert in front of a very specific audience.

For example, you can target your advert to females only. You can even target specific age groups and suburbs. Then you can also target people who have expressed interest on their timelines about nails, beauty or Matric Farewell. You can do all of this and reach hundreds of potential customers all for under R300.

If you don’t know how to do this type of Facebook Marketing, then join Magnetic at our open day on the 11th of September where I will be teaching Nail Tech’s how to market more effectively on Facebook. But, seats are seriously limited, so book your place now. (P.S. there is no cost to attend our open day so make sure you get there!)

Get active at your local High Schools

Next, get down to your local High School, find out their Matric Farewell date and get marketing. There are at least two things that you have to do;

  1. Get your ad in their school magazine. Most high schools have a magazine that goes out regularly. Make sure that you get your ready-made and customized advert into that magazine ASAP! Their is usually a cost to do this, however, it is usually very low and it is an investment into your business.
  2. Hand out your Matric Farewell Offer after school. Have your ready-made advert printed out hand it out to students and their moms after school. Some schools will allow you to do this, some wont. However, for gutsy, driven, ambitious Nail Techs, no one can stop you from standing down the road or next door to the school when you hand out the adverts to Matric girls who are walking home! Please just make sure that your advert is professionally printed in colour. Don’t hand out badly printed black and white ads, this will just make you look unprofessional. Thats not the way to create a good first impression.

Get some Matric Nail Art Inspiration

Don’t just offer Matric Customers a plain set of nails or a basic pedi. Up sell them on Nail Art. If you need some inspiration, click here. Below are just 3 ideas in the form of new, highly profitable nail art decals that have just arrived at Magnetic. Talking about decals, we have more than 50 other designs to choose from and we also have the widest range of nail art in South Africa. Just speak to one of our trainers for more information.

Don’t forget about Mom

Lastly, don’t forget about the Matric Farewell Students Mom. Mom will probably be coming with her to your Salon and Mom will probably be paying for the whole deal. Have a special offer prepared for Mom – for example, a Salon I am currently consulting with created a bonus back neck and shoulder massage for Mom while she waited. We chose a back neck and shoulder massage because it is quick to do, doesn’t cost the Salon much money and Moms love the idea of being pampered while they wait. But, the payback has been tremendous because 6 out of 10 Moms who experienced the back neck and shoulder massage have revisited the salon and booked in for additional treatments.

The ball is now in your court. Take action and get your diary full. We hope you liked these ideas, but we would love to hear from you. What ideas do you have and what are you doing to market your business to Matric students.


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