Astonishing Nail Forms – L


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The highest quality and specialized sculpting forms in two sizes (Large and Extra Large) for Monomer and Polymer nail enhancements. These Astonishing sculpting forms fit perfectly on the finger using optimal finger cut outs and large tabs. Each roll contains 300 forms.



Features & Benefits

  • A balanced combination of adhesive paper Aluminium coating and plastic covering
  • Creates a perfect c-curve in convex with stability that allows to sculpt without effort
  • Unparalleled stability
  • Created by David Fowler – world renowned nail professional for nail professionals like you
  • Adhesive attributes and design ensuring fit and form
  • Two sizes to accommodate all finger widths: Large & Extra Large (300 pcs per roll)


Hold form between thumbs and index finger, create c-curve in the forms, slide form between the hyponichium and natural nail free edge. Set form to determine shape of nail enhancement. From a lateral perspective secure the tabs evenly in the front and back of the form securing the form on the finger for sculpting. Astonishing sculpting forms harmonize with a very specific and intensive education method.