Astonishing Spatula

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The Spatula is the tool used to break away the sculpted extension from the sculpting form and helpful for removing stubborn cuticle adhered to the nail plate. It helps the nail professional in lifting stubborn cuticle adhered to the natural nail plate and breaking the extension away from the sculpting form prior to C-curve enhancement. This Spatula is Necessary as part of an entire implement system that ties into as educational program matching our chemistry.



Features & Benefits

  • Thin metal surface to get deep into lateral side-walls to remove excess cuticle on natural nail
  • Easy to clean
  • Double sided
  • Perfect tool to easily separate the nail form from the sculpted extension edge
  • Helpful for competitors


Hold the Spatula parallel to the natural nail and lightly slide the Spatula toward the eponychium. Lift any excess cuticle adhered to the natural nail and nip away any hard non -living tissue. Following sculpting the extension edge over the sculpting form check for polymerization. When the extension has cured enough slide the thin flat Spatula under the extension and gently break the product free from the form and begin the C-curve enhancement process.