Astonishing 100/180 Sponge (10 pack)

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The highest quality files with the perfect selection of grit full professional nail services. These files allows the nail professional to file the natural nail and nail enhancement accurately and with ease. Whether it is shaping the natural nail or blending the product at the cuticle area. The Astonishing file range is complete, easily identifiable, and also have research and development behind the quality. The structure of the files allows the nail professional precise workability. The balance between the plastic core, sponge padding, and the best file paper in the nail industry makes filing virtually effortless.

100/180 Sponge – For prepping the natural nail in the cuticle area and lateral sidewalls. The perfect file for perfecting UV/LED gel enhancements and softening the corners of the nail enhancement.



Features & Benefits

  • Non-corrosive
  • Powerful covalent bond
  • Superior adhesion
  • Prevents lifting


Choose the correct file grit that corresponds what kind of service the nail professional is providing. Remove any sharp edges from the file to protect the soft tissue and skin surrounding the natural nail.