Astonishing Sculpting Gel Soft White 14gr

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Astonishing Sculpting Gel is a cross linking oligomer polymer with a perfect balance between flexibility and toughness.
An innovative UV/LED system specifically formulated for the nail professional. These Sculpting Gels allows the nail technician to create beautiful nail enhancements with ease. Each Sculpting Gel color has consistent viscosity allowing the nail professional to maintain a method of application that is consistent. All Sculpting Gel colors match the acrylic color palette (watch out for that white). Available in 6 colors: Clear, Transparent Pink, Soft Cover Blend, Cover, Global White and New Mix.



Features & Benefits

  • Consistent viscosity for consistent application
  • Non-yellowing formula with violet enhanced Global White
  • Exact match of the color pallet from our Acrylic System
  • Curable in Astonishing UV/LED lamp for a perfectly timed cure for C-curve enhancement and finishing polymerization
  • Available in 7 colors


Prepare the natural nail plate by removing the cuticle and removing any contaminants with Astonishing Blue Scrub and a nail wipe. Take your Astonishing UV/LED Sculpting Gel onto one side of the Astonishing Professional Gel Brush and slide onto the nail plate floating lightly over the natural nail, tip extension or sculpting form. File to finish and apply an Astonishing top coat