Astonishing Impression Gel Paste – Gold

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Nail Artists are constantly looking for the latest technology to impress their customers and attract new clients in the salon. Astonishing Nails introduces something new, something different, something unique! Not only will you be able to impress your customers with your designs, you will keep them coming back using the Astonishing Nails Impression Gel Paste!

This easy to use Astonishing Nails Impression Gel Paste collection contains a majestic range of metallic “Impression Gels” that are used to create backgrounds, shadows, effects and more.



Features and benefits:

  • Astonishing Nails Impression Gel Paste consists of 10 beautiful Metallic colors
  • Impression Gels can be used on any base gel or acrylic color
  • Easy to apply
  • Create endless creative designs
  • Curing with an LED or UV lamp
  • Content per Impression Gel Paste 5 grams

How to use?

Scoop a small amount of Impression Gel and place it on the Impression Plate. Place an Impression Sponge in the Impression Handle. Press the Impression Sponge tip into the Impression Gel on what lies on the Impression Plate and then stamp on the Impression Plate to remove any excess gel. Press the Impression Sponge point on the nail and admire the magic. Curing under an LED lamp for 30 seconds, for UV 2 minutes.

Impression Gels can be used on any base gel or acrylic colour. However, the use of black provides a more powerful effect! Impression Gels can also be used on 3D Gels or relief areas to create shadow.