JackyM Adhesive Remover 15ml

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JACKY M. Adhesive Remover is a transparent gel specially formulated to dissolve JACKY M.  Lash Adhesive. Only use the Adhesive Remover when you want to remove all lash extensions from the natural lashes at the same time.



Features & benefits

  • Easy dosage
  • Quickly dissolves adhesive in the safest, easiest way
  • Transparant thick gel
  • To be used with the JACKY M. Treatment Applicators
  • Content: 15 ml

How to use

Place the JACKY M. Adhesive Remover onto the glass plate.

Use two JACKY M. Treatment Applicators and place a small amount of the JACKY M. Adhesive Remover gel on them. Gently apply Adhesive Remover with the Treatment Applicator onto the Eyelashes (1 on top and 1 underneath),  using the Treatment Applicators in an upward direction, so that the lashes are completely covered with the Adhesive Remover gel.

Let the Adhesive Remover soak in for a two minutes.
Clean the Eyelashes from the top of the upper lashes. Move the Treatment Applicator from your upper eyelid towards the end of the upper lashes.