JACKY M Russian Volume Lash Training


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Russian volume lashes also known as 3D volume is the latest trend to take the eyelash extension industry by storm.  As the name suggests this Lash technique originated in Russia, where lash pioneers created a bouquet of lashes and placed them on to a single natural lash to create volume that is not possible with traditional classic style extensions. The Russian technique uses specialized eyelash extensions that are of a mere 0.07mm diameter (sometimes even 0.05mm) to make this possible without damaging the natural lashes. JACKY M’s Lash Adhesive was specially designed for this purpose and stays soft and flexible and does not damage the natural lashes. There are 3 types of adhesive available: a sensitive adhesive, a quick drying adhesive and a fast-drying competition adhesive.

Volume lashes are lighter, fluffier and give the client a fuller look. Volume lashes are prefect for clients who don’t have a lot of lashes, have sparse lashes, bald spots or just want a more dramatic look without having to use a thicker lash. Russian Volume is also suitable for the client who desires a more glamorous and thicker looking set than can be achieved with classic lashes.



Course Details

  • Course Duration: One day.
  • Class Size: Small classes ensure you get one on one personal attention from our Trainers
  • Times: Training starts at 9am and finishes at 4pm.
  • Campuses: One by One Lash Training is offered in JHB and Cape Town.
  • Kit: JACKY M Russian Volume Advanced Lash
  • Certificate: JACKY M Russian Volume Lash Certificate Included