JACKY M Pro Tweezer Curved

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The Stainless Steel JACKY M. Tweezer Curved is an all in one instrument! The end is slightly bent which means it can be used for separating the natural lashes, picking lashes from the strip and for placing lashes onto the natural lashes. Due to it’s length it has the perfect hand position and can be used during placement of lash extensions.



Features & benefits

  • Stainless steel
  • All-in 1 instrument
  • Ideal shape for presion work
  • Ideale lengte
  • Can be used for left- and right handed
  • Light weight
  • Easy to disinfect
  • Comes in a box with protective cover

How to use

The stainless steel JACKY M. Tweezer Curved is ideal and can be used for two steps:

Separating the natural lashes

Hold the JACKY M. Tweezer Curved in your non dominant hand. Squeeze the tweezer a little bit to make sure that you grip the lash which you need between the pointed ends. Let the tweezer open slightly so that the surrounding lashes are separated from the lash that you are working on. Use your other hand to place the lash extensions onto the desired natural lash. Always disinfect the tweezer after the treatment.

Picking up and placing the lashes onto the natural lashes

Pick up the JACKY M. Tweezer Curved with your dominant hand. After you have exposed the natural lash with your non dominant hand, you can use the Tweezer Curved to pick a lash from the strip. Dip the lash in a drop of Adhesive and place it onto the exposed natural lash. Always disinfect the tweezer after a treatment.