Stained Glass Step by Step Nail Art Inspiration

Inspired by the stained glass windows and architecture of churches in the medieval times, the Stained Glass Nail Art Trend is full of intricate details and patterns. This influence can be seen in the use of geometric lines much like the artwork stained glass.

Let your creatvity and imagination go wild with beautiful colors and abstract shapes! With this Nail Art Inspiration, you can make modern geometric designs or you can return to the Art Nouveau Age and create beautiful ornate shapes and flowers like Kateryna Gonchar did in the example below.

Step 1.

Paint the nail with Gelpolish White (168716). Cure the nail but do not remove the adhesive layer. Spray in the plaque Glitter Spray White (118065). Cure the nail and seal with Gelpolish Base / Top (103500).

Stained Glass Nail Art Inspiration Step 1Step 2.

Make the nail dull with a White Block (145050). Paint the foundation of the design with Master Paint Deep Black (123601).

Stained Glass Nail Art Inspiration Step 2Step 3.

Continue painting with Master Paint Deep Black. Add the edges of the design. Kateryna paints with the New Master Detailers (176016).

Stained Glass Nail Art Inspiration Step 3Step 4.

Use the watercolor technique and different colors for the design. Kateryna has used Master Paint Pure Purple (123617), Light Blue (123614), Lime (123610), Emerald (123611), Pure Pink (123607) and Pure Yellow (123605). Finish the nail with a Top Gel of your choice.

Stained Glass Nail Art Inspiration Step 4



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