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Take your nail salon to the next level with a Survey SMS

In today’s competitive marketplace the nail products and services you offer won’t be much different from competing Salons. Many of your competitors within a 15 km radius offer similar products and services at similar prices to you. This means you need innovative ways to differentiate yourself from your competition.

In the Beauty Industry customer service stops when the client pays and walks out of the door. Very few Nail Tech’s follow-up after their nail service has been completed. Your competitors may offer similar products and services to you, but how many of them offer consistent after sales service to see if their customers are happy? The answer – none. Set your nail salon apart by offering consistent after sales service using a SURVEY SMS.

You need feedback from your customers – positive feedback to use as testimonials and negative feedback to help you learn and improve.

Most Nail Tech’s don’t want to hear anything negative, but did you know that satisfied customers are your Salon’s worst enemy. Satisfied customers never complain. They arrive on time and they never bother you.

This is a problem because satisfied customers will never push you to stay ahead of the competition. Growth comes from dissatisfied customers – they want service, but they are not happy with the service you have given. You need a system that allows you to actively figure out who is happy and who isn’t. You need a system to help you solicit customer feedback, understand complaints and provide the service and the solutions to make them happy.

Sending a specially worded “Survey SMS” allows you to create an interactive survey conducted on your customer’s mobile phone. In general, South African customers don’t like to complain, but a SURVEY SMS empowers your customers by giving them a non-threatening forum to provide feedback and opinions about your nail salon, staff and service levels.

Customers respond with a service rating on a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being the best.  Your customer votes by sending an SMS back to your SMS inbox. This allows you to take action and fix customer complaints or reward staff for exceptional service.


<Name> thank you for your continued support. Pls rate your experience on a scale of 1 – 10. 10 = best.


  • The survey wording has been tested and proven to work, so try not to change it.
  • The Survey SMS asks your client to rate the entire experience at your nail salon, not just the treatment. If you are a good Nail Tech, it is very likely that clients love your nails. When something goes wrong in your nail salon, it is usually not the treatment, it is something else – something small that you have missed.
  • Educate your client – when the client leaves your nail salon, tell her that she will receive an SMS the next day asking her to rate her experience. Ask her to reply to the SMS with a simple number and she will.
  • Send the Survey SMS out the day after the client’s nail service. If something did go wrong and the client was upset, she will have calmed down by the time she receives the SMS.
  • When you receive the client’s response, act on it. If you receive a rating of 1-7, pick up the phone and fix the problem in the client’s favour. Don’t make excuses. You are in a service industry, even if the client is rude or wrong, suck it up and give them excellent service. If you receive an 8 or 9 rating, pick up the phone and ask the client what you could do to be a “10.” After all, who wants to own an average nail salon?

Have you ever stopped to consider how much money a client is worth? Lets imagine that your average client comes to you once a month for a nail service. If she spends R400 a month that means she is worth R4800 to your nail business every year. South African clients don’t like to complain when they have a bad experience with a business – they just leave. A Survey SMS which costs less than 40 cents could save that customer, fix her problem, keep her happy and loyal to your business, so is it worth sending out SURVEY SMS’s? I think the answer is obvious…

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