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The Image Cartel excels at Advanced Trainer Education – Holland May 2019

I had the honour of being invited to THE RAPIDS bootcamp by David Fowler.

I received an invitation to this incredible opportunity stating: “We are creating new opportunities by expanding our Astonishing Educator team and WE WANT YOU! an impassioned nail professional to be part of the Astonishing team. Our invitation requires you to have outstanding nail skills in all enhancement systems, confidence in yourself, and the desire to perfect your precision. THE RAPIDS is designed to educate you to be apart of the strongest educator team in the industry, the Astonishing educator team. We will focus on communication skills combined with technical skills. Theoretical presentation in combination with practical work as a team and individual. Astonishing’s goal is to take the best of you to give to other nail professionals. To inspire and lead others to be leaders themselves. This is a life changing educational experience. THE RAPIDS will bring you personally and professionally to the next level in the professional nail industry. I am looking forward to seeing you and taking a ride through the white waters of the river, better known as“THE RAPIDS!” – David Fowler

This invitation opened the door for me to become an International Astonishing educator forming part of a Global Team of educators! Only 18 attendees from around the world were invited to attend this 5day Exclusive Educator Training with David Fowler and his educator team and Tracey represented South Africa. Some of the countries countries among the attendees were Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Israel, Macedonia, London, Croatia, Slovenia, South Africa.

Astonishing prepared this new education certification called,“THE RAPIDS.” that began on the 28th May through to the 1st of June 2019, at Van der Valk Hotel in Eindhoven, Holland.

All participants received total individual attention through out the bootcamp, Tracey successfully completed a Brutal 5 day Bootcamp with David Fowler and his educator team, Stefanie Fowler, Ivonne Voigt, Emma Harris, Selina Gulamhussein. Guest educators Ivette Van Riel (International Judge) & Katja Piontek.

Successfully excelling in her exams practically & theoretically in Acrylic, Sculpting Gel systems, Gelosophy Gel Polish, new techniques for Tip Application, Natural Nail Overlay, Sculpting, Pinching Advanced & Competition techniques, Filing techniques. Presentation and Demonstration Skills as an educator for Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Profi Competition Students, Team work and Professionalism.

Tracey was awarded a Trophy for Best Theory Rapids Bootcamp.

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