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The Nail Art Challenge is on


Hey Nail Lover - it looks like you have taken up our dare and you want to know more about how the Nail Art Challenge works. The challenge is really simple and here's everything you need to know.

The nail industry is very competitive and to stay ahead you need to keep growing and improving as a Nail Tech. That's why we at the Image Cartel strive to help you improve your skills to create a high demand for what you offer and have fun doing it!

So, to kick start our new year @the image cartel, we are introducing fun weekly nail art challenges! The winner of each challenge will win a prize!
Here’s how it works:

>> 1. We post a nail art challenge on our social media platforms. Chances are, this design is somehting you have never done before, so you challenge yourself and you try and replicate the nail art design. Take your time - there's no pressure - you have until 11am on the 13th January to post your picture in the comment section below the challenge.

>> 2. You give it a go, regardless of your skill level, experience, what brand of product you are using or where you trained, everyone is welcome to join the challenge and have fun showcasing your attempt on our Facebook page.

>> 3. Then post a picture of your attempt in the comments down below along with your name and email address for an entry.

>> 4. You are then entered into the challenge

>> 5. Keep a look out for the winner announcement and newest challenge.

We encourage all Nail Techs to give it a go and have fun doing so!!
Please note. A nail art class is available @the image cartel for every challenge posted.

Week 1 ‘s challenge is Geometric spider gel

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