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The payday SMS money making strategy

Here’s my definition of marketing, “Marketing is the learned ability to put the right message in front of the right people at the right time in order to create a predisposition to buy your nail services at the price you ask.”

Did you get that? Successful SMS marketing is all about putting the right message in the right person’s hand at the right time.

This means that you should pay a lot of attention as to when the message is sent. You have to ask yourself the question, “When will my clients be most receptive to my message?” A great message delivered at the wrong time will be totally ineffective, but an average message delivered at the right time will still make money.

Now here’s a marketing secret that your Competitors are neglecting – your clients are highly receptive to your marketing SMS’s on the 25th of the month. The 25th is payday. Your clients have received their salaries and their money is burning a hole in their pocket.

I have consulted with Spa’s and salons all over South Africa for more than 15 years now and I have conclusively proven that if a Nail Salon sends out an irresistible, value-added SMS (Like you are taught on page 4 of your “SMS marketing secrets eBook”) before 10am on the 25th of the month – customers book in for appointments.

If you want to improve the amount of appointments booked, then make sure that your message not only goes out on the 25th (the right time) but make sure that the message is targeted (The right people).

For example, make a list of your most loyal, valuable acrylic clients and send them an irresistible acrylic value-added offer on payday. What do you think will happen when you send an acrylic offer to acrylic clients? The right message to the right people at the right time = more bookings for you! Next, make a list of your most loyal, valuable gel clients and send them an irresistible value-added gel offer and get more appointments.

Marketing is really this simple. The problem is, very few people are prepared to do the work needed to keep their diaries full. If you want to make money you have got to take action, so here is a reminder of the action plan I gave you in the “SMS Marketing secrets for Nail Tech’s eBook.”

  1. Identify your top 30 regular, most loyal clients and load them onto an Excel Spreadsheet which we will email you. Give yourself a deadline for this task!
  2. Create an irresistible offer using services that these 30 clients all love and you are very certain they will buy.
  3. Get a free SMS service like bulksms.co.za and upload your client database
  4. Send out the special offer to your 30 clients before 10am on the 25th of the month (It’s payday and your clients have money burning a hole in their pocket!!) and see how much money you can make from only 30 SMS’s.

This brings me to the last SMS markeitng post I am going to publish – “THE 60 SMS CHALLENGE.” The Image Cartel is going to challenge you to see how many appointments you can make using just 60 SMS’s. The person who sells the most services in Rand Value will win a R5000 Gelpolish course complete with products and tools. SO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GET MARKETING!!

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