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What to do when there’s a cheaper Nail Tech down the road

If you are a Professional Nail Technician, I am pretty sure that you have never found yourself in a situation where there’s a competitor nearby selling cheaper nail services than you…

Man! I almost got that out with a straight face! Whether you live in a large city like Joburg or a small town like Springbok, you will have competitors and most of will charge cheap prices.

Because they have never bothered to learn any kind of sales skills, a lot of Nail Tech’s overcome price objections  simply by being cheap. So, what do you do when your prospective customer compares your product or service to someone who will do it for less money?

How do you overcome price comparisons?

If you want a long, prosperous career in the Nail Industry, then you have got to learn how to overcome price objections and comparisons. The solution can be as simple as the signage in the picture above. (Take a close look – who would you rather be, Average Suzy or Exceptional Nails?)

Many years ago I had a customer in Kensington who charged R350 for a set of nails. At the time she was the only Nail Tech in her street. Soon after she started using Magnetic, she had a Thai Nail Bar open up in her street that advertised “Acrylic Nails for R99” on a large signboard.

This initially hurt her business, until I got her to put up an even bigger sign that said, “we fix R99 nails.”

This Women’s Month I want to give you some empowering thoughts to ponder the next time a price objection or price comparison happens to you.

The solution starts with you.

I used the word empowering on purpose. Here’s why – you have got to start believing in yourself. Firstly, never, ever, ever be afraid to be more expensive than the Nail Tech down the street. Now, read that again. Never, ever, ever be afraid to be more expensive than the Nail Tech down the street.



We have all had experiences where we “got what we paid for” and cheaper definitely doesn’t mean better. In fact, it seldom even means comparable.

You should actually take pride in representing a service that is priced above others—if it’s worth it. You must be able to justify and clearly communicate that price difference, but it takes no talent, skill or ability to be the Nail Tech selling the cheap stuff.

Be proud that you represent a service that can command a premium price—it means you are selling something of value. That’s a huge mindset you have to grasp and hold with everything you have. You cannot fake it. You have to believe with every fibre of your being that you and your services are worth more than the others.

Did you know that most price objections come from Nail Tech’s themselves? This usually happens when a Nail Tech lacks belief in her skills, is not using a quality nail product or has no sales ability.

Value yourself and your work.

Secondly, remember you aren’t free. Many times cheaper alternatives come with no service or skill. You, on the other hand, are a skilled Nail Designer – ready to show your client at every turn why you are worth more than the cheap alternatives. (I.e. your nails last longer, they actually look like natural nails, they are comfortable to wear etc…)

Believe in yourself-w790

When it comes time to justify that price difference, look in the mirror—you’re worth much more than you generally give yourself credit for.

Finally, ask the prospect what type of cell phone they have? What type car they drive? Where they buy their clothes?

Chances are they have the latest top end Smart-Phone, they aren’t driving a Cherry QQ (the cheapest car in South Africa) and they aren’t shopping for clothes at a bargain basement store.

Cheap nails are not good and good nails are not cheap!

Quality and service cost money. Show your client how they will benefit from paying a little more for the right products and services instead of settling for the cheaper alternative and you’ll attract a better quality customer and make a lot more sales.

If you want to learn scripts and proven sales techniques to overcome price objections and comparisons, then join us on August the 15th for Magnetic’s Marketing Workshop, “The Nail Tech’s step by step guide to finding customers, getting your diary full and earning R1000 profit per day.” Click here for more info. You will learn how to build a better Nail Business that actually puts good money in your bank account. We are so confident that this course will help you grow your business that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

We hope that you have enjoyed this article. Remember, knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power, so go back your business and make sure that you put this practical business advice into action.

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