Valentines Day Marketing for Nail Technicians

A complete plan of action for marketing your nail business this Valentine’s Day

When the December holidays came to a close, most Nail Tech’s were looking forward to slowing down and taking some time out in January. But, smart business owners who pay attention to their marketing calendar, have not forgotten that one of the three biggest marketing events of the year is just around the corner.

I am talking about Valentine’s Day.  Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is a Nail Tech’s dream come true. It is a great excuse for you to aggressively market your services and make good money. Valentine’s Day is not only good business for Florists, Lingerie Shops and Jewelry Stores, it is also good for nail and beauty businesses just like yours. This means that you had better be ready to engage your customers and create compelling promotions because Valentine’s Day is in a little over three weeks.

Marketing for Valentine’s Day requires some sales thinking, planning and creativity if you want to get really good results. Because Valentine’s Day is such an important marketing event, this post is going to be longer than usual, but what follows is everything you need to know and do, to market your nail business successfully this Valentine’s Day.

How to market your nail business this Valentines Day - start with your customer database

Your customer database is your market and your marketing can only be as good as your database. Your database should have two things, quality (i.e. lots of client info, contact numbers etc) and quantity (lots of clients on the list),  but if you ever have to choose, choose quality first and quantity second.

Speaking about quality, check your database for two things before you start your Valentine’s Day marketing Firstly, make sure your customers names are spelled correctly. You don’t want customers receiving a great SMS or Email and then you shoot yourself in the foot because you spelled their name incorrectly.

Secondly, make sure that you aren’t missing mobile numbers or email addresses. Lastly, check for duplication. SMS, WhatsApp and Email marketing increases dramatically between the 1st and the 14th of Feb and nothing irritates a customer more than sending them multiple SMS’s and Emails about the same thing.

Identify your Valentine’s Day Target Markets

In other words, who do you want to talk to? Who do you want to receive your Valentines Day marketing? If you answered "to everyone," then I want you to know that's the wrong answer!

The second biggest marketing mistake Nail Tech’s make (after discounting) is what I call “spray and pray marketing.”

Spray and pray is the symptom of lazy, careless marketing and a lack of sales thinking. It happens when Nail Tech creates one promotion and then sends it out to their entire database regardless of whether that special offer is right for the customer or not.

So, the next step in your Valentine’s Day Marketing plan is to ask yourself the question, “Who are my Valentine’s Day target markets?” In other words, you are trying to figure out who are the most likely candidates on your database to respond to Valentine’s Day Marketing. Proper selection is 50% of the battle.

To identify your different customer groups is actually very easy. All need is a little information because “Rule number 1” of marketing states that “the more information you have about your client the easier it is to get your hands on her money.

You don’t have to know everything about your customers, but you need the basics so that you can match the right market with timely, relevant, valuable offers.

Market # 1 - Male Clients

Don't just market to the women on your database. If you want real results, you want to market to the men in your customers lives. Here's why, men traditionally spend more than women do on Valentine’s Day and they usually have no idea what to buy their Lady. They are generally clueless when it comes to shopping and they need your help. Men need products and services for their wives, girlfriends, fiancés, moms, sisters etc. Keep your eyes open for Ready-Made Valentines day Adverts coming out next week in the Members Marketing Store. 

Valentines Day Marketing for Nail Technicians

Market # 2 - Female Clients

Every woman wants to look beautiful every day of the year, and even more so on Valentines day! Women don’t only spend their own money, they also have access to their man’s credit card. Woman are usually more romantic than men and they tend to think about others more than themselves. They are looking for something different for the man in their life, but they also need to look good on the day. You will also find that female customers are also open to buying their moms and dad’s Valentine’s Day gifts. Go to the Members Marketing Store today to download two brand new Ready-Made Valentines Day Adverts for your female clients.

Market #3 - Married Clients

Any married man who forgets Valentines Day, or who forgets to give his wife a Valentines Day gift is dead meat. That's why I have created a Ready-Made Advert for you to send out to all the married men on your database. I will be releasing it next Tuesday in the Members Marketing Store

Market # 4 - Single Clients

Don’t forget the singles. Not everyone of your customers is married or in a relationship. Send them an Anti-Valentines Day promotion. I will be releasing a template specifically for single clients next Tuesday in the Members Marketing Store

Market # 5 - Loyal Customers

On the day, make sure that you send out a Valentines Day eCard to every customer on your database thanking them for their loyal support. Don’t be cheesy, make it sincere and genuine. Don't include a special offer in the eCard. Just thank them sincerely for their loyalty and support.

Create special offers for each Target Market

You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to know that men and women are different or that married and single people have different needs and preferences. Now that you have put some thought into who you want to target, the next question you want to ask is, “Why do they purchase and what do they want?” We know that consumers buy products and services for only two reasons, to solve problems and to make themselves feel good, so make sure that you match the right services with their needs. Also, remember to highlight the customer’s problems in your email subject lines as well as in your attention grabbing headlines. If you don't have time to create your own adverts for each target market, head over to the Members Marketing Store.

Marketing ideas for Nail Techs

Practical ideas on creating your Valentines Day Marketing

  1. Work with the theme, but try and be a little unexpected. It is a known fact that the market is saturated with Nail and Beauty Businesses and they are all saying the same boring stuff in all of their adverts, particularly on Valentine’s Day.
  2. Everyone and their cousin will be talking about “pampering the one you love” and sending out emails with hearts, cupids and roses on them. Be different - you’ll want to make sure that your emails, SMS’s, Social Media and print media marketing stands out of the crowd. Stay away from cheesy cliches like, “Celebrate the month of love…” In short, don’t copy your competition.
  3. Promote Gift Vouchers like Crazy. Vouchers are extremely easy to sell at this time of the year, specially for guys who don’t know what to get their ladies. But, make sure that your Valentine’s Day Gift Vouchers and Special Offers are valid for the whole of February. Most of your clients won’t be able to come in for their service on the 14th. Use email subject lines like, “always the perfect gift” or “for the woman who knows what she wants – even when you don’t”
  4. Gift guides make shopping easy – Send an email marketing campaign with gift ideas by price point for him and her. When you send an email, always include a call-to-action button that encourages your readers to Buy Now. Without exception, every-one of the Ready-Made, Done for you gift guides in the Marketing Store have call to action buttons in them.
  5. Don’t forget the singles! Obviously, not everyone has a significant other. The singles among your client base may well be sick of all the talk of love and romance. Cater to them by way of a romance-free shopping even. Google “Anti-Valentines Day” and you will quickly find a load of great ideas for marketing to singles.
  6. Cupid Cares: Valentine’s Day is becoming another over-saturated consumer holiday. Every Salon will be looking at some cheesy way to make a “sweetheart” special or sell some Valentine’s Day-related junk. Be different, stand out from your competitors and try something meaningful this year. On your promotions, flyers, banners, emails, website and Facebook page boldly state that your nail bar is donating a percentage of sales for the day, the week or the month to a local charity, SPCA, Hospice etc. Be a “Heart Donor” on the day and share some love. At the end of the month, make a donation to your chosen organisation and then send a thank-you card to all of your customers telling them that you made a donation of X value on their behalf to the charity / cause of choice. Don’t forget to put the photo’s of you handing the cheque over onto Facebook. Use the PR to communicate to your customers that your Salon is not just another business, it is a business that cares about the community!
  7. Show some love to your employees. Common sense tells us that employees who feel loved and appreciated are happier, more likely to deliver exceptional customer service. Your customers are much more likely to feel ‘loved’ by your business when your Therapists feel value. During February, send Valentines Cards via email with notes of appreciation to your staff noting personal traits and talents you appreciate. Post customer raves on Facebook.
We hope you have found this training helpful. Let us know what business training you need and what challenges you are facing and we will write articles to assist you
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