WARNING – Read this before chosing a Nail Academy!

So you want to start a new career in the South African Nail Industry, there are so many training academies in the marketplace, how do you go about choosing one that’s professional? If you are serious about generating an income from doing nails, or you want to start a successul Nail Business, then here 5 important things you must look for in a Nail School;


We always recommend that you work with International Nail Academy. We say this for two reasons; Firstly, Companies that are International have usually been in the industry for very long time and they have a proven track record when it comes to their training systems, after training backup, product quality and customer service. The Image Cartel has been training in South Africa for 17 years and uses Astonishing Nail Technologies Nail Training System - a system developed by a 9 time World Champion Nail Trainer. This system has been perfected in Germany and Holland and has been implemented in more than 27 countries around the world.

Secondly, Schools that have an International footprint always adhere to higher standards. In The Image Cartel's case, we exceed South African Unit Standards for Nail Training as we train according to European Legislation. In addition all of the Astonishing and Gelosophy products used in our Academy are manufactured according to the highest European Standards, are safe to be used on the human body and have been developed from more than 25 years of experience in the industry.


When investigating Nail Training Academies, don’t buy on price alone. There is a reason why some training courses are so cheap.  Before you do a price comparison, ask for the kit contents in writing, but, you must also go to the academy and ask to see the training kit. I suggest that you look for Academies that provide you with a complete Nail Technology Kit. What do I mean by a complete kit? I mean a kit that contains Salon size products. You should be supplied with a kit that has enough Technical Product for you to complete your training, your portfolio of evidence and your practical exam and even start working on paying clients.

Many Nail Academies will not show you their kit if you ask to see it. But, most Nail Training Academies supply training kits with product samples. Initially the course looks good value for money; however, you get caught on the back end when you quickly run out of product even before you qualify. In order to qualify, now you must lay out a lot more money to get the products you need to complete your training. . If a Nail Academy cuts corners on their kit, I guarantee you they will cut corners on their training. That brings me to the next point.

Because more than 90% of our Students want to start a business and make money from doing nails, we supply all our students with a "Business in a Box" - it is the most comprehensive Nail Training Kit on offer in South Africa.


You can't become a professional Nail Tech with poor education. That's why all of our trainers have a minimum of 5 years experience working as a Nail Tech before they can train at any of our Campuses.

Nail technology modules are short courses. However, beware of Training Institutes that train 2-3 systems in three to five days. Professional Academies generally train one system in four to five days or more. If you are serious about launching into a new profession, making a success of Nail Technology and earning a good income, then you have to realize that you cannot master the basics in two to three days of training. Quality education creates superior technical skill which is the foundation of your professional success. It’s what separates you from the crowd and makes you the best at what you do. Professional training is essential if you are going to become successful in an industry that is saturated with Nail Tech’s.

Our full time courses start at 9am and finish at 4pm.


Don’t just phone or email asking for prices and course dates. Get in your car and go check the Academy out. Just by visiting the place of business you will get a good idea as to the quality of training you will be given. Ask to see the Training Kit. Check out the classroom. Inspect their hygiene levels. Are they organised or disorganised? Check out their trainers. What are their qualifications? How many years have they been in the Industry? Are their certificates displayed? Beware of people who are training Nail Technology courses but who have had less than three years experience working as a Nail Tech doing nails on a daily basis. Are the trainers and staff passionate about the Nail and Beauty Industry, or are they simply in it for the money? If you are still not sure, I recommend having a set of nails done at the Training Institution. This will tell you everything you need to know about their training.


Lastly look for Companies that provide ongoing support. The Nail Industry is very competitive, look for Training Institutions that are prepared to support, advise and guide you on a long-term basis.

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