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Water Decal Step By Step Inspiration

Nail Tech’s are always on the lookout for two things – new nail art ideas and ways to boost their Nail Salon’s profit margins. In today’s Step By Step Nail Art Inspiration, we show you how to do both using nail art water decals. Water decals give you, the Professional Nail Designer, a very quick and easy way to create stunning nail art – and the best news is – you also get high profit margins when selling this service to your clients.

Each decal pack currently sells for R28 and contains 10 decals. This is our launch price and will be available for the next two weeks only. We have seen Magnetic Nail Tech’s all over South Africa charging clients anywhere from R15 per nail to R60 per nail for water decal nail art depending on their sales ability and target market. That means a R28 decal pack can create an additional R150 – R600 turnover for your nail salon! In

Take a look at the step by step instructions below to see how quick and easy it is to apply a design to your clients nails.In this example, Shimone used an Ombre Design with a Gold foil, but there are over 60 different stunning designs to choose from.

Step ONE

Apply Magnetic NXT Long Lasting Nail Polish to the nail and let it dry. You can also use Magnetic Gelpolish and then cure it under a UV or LED Lamp.

Step TWO

Select a design and cut it out of the sheet. You can cut out the entire design and apply it to your clients nail or you can cut out a section like Shimone did in this example. Go with the flow and let your imagination run wild!

Water Decal Step-By-Step Inspiration 1


Dip the design in water for three seconds, take it out and wait about 15 seconds. Then, remove the excess water with a tissue.

Water Decal Step-By-Step Inspiration 3


Slide the image from the backing paper and gently place it on the nail. Gently smooth the decal with your finger – from the middle of the nail outwards

Water Decal Step-By-Step Inspiration 4


Gently apply top coat and seal the edges

Water Decal Step-By-Step Inspiration 5

Just some of the 60 different designs

Click on an image to enlarge it and preview the design

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