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11 reasons why Gel Polish for toes will grow your Nail Business this summer

It’s a dermatological fact that the skin on a woman’s hands and feet ages up to ten times faster tha

n the skin on her face. Hands and feet are exposed to people, the elements and uncomfortable footwear almost every day of the year. Gel Polish makes a woman’s hands and feet look slimmer, younger and more feminine.

That’s why Gel Polish on toes during the spring and summer months will always be a popular, easy to market, high selling service for nail businesses just like yours.

Here are 11 powerful reasons why your business should be aggressively marketing Gel Polish Toes and Pedi’s this summer!

2.      Does Gel Polish for toes have all the characteristics of a fast selling high-profit service? 

This is an important question to answer before adding any service to your treatment menu. Why bother having something on your treatment menu that is hard to sell, or even worse, you can sell it, but it doesn’t make money? That’s why we teach all Nail Tech’s that come through our marketing training how to spot “the perfect” services for their treatment menu. For something to qualify as a great service, it must meet these 5 criteria.

  1. It must be a service your salon can deliver exceptionally well. Because it is so easy to use, Gel Polish fits this criterion perfectly.
  2. It must be a service that you can deliver quickly. You can do a full set of toes in 40 minutes and your client can be on her way…
  3. It must be a service with high-profit margins. We’ll talk more about this in detail later.
  4. It must be a service that a woman wants and needs on a monthly basis. Find me women who don’t want gorgeous toenails with colour that lasts and I grow hair on my head. (For those of you who don’t know me, I’m bald!)
  5. It must be a service that a woman cannot do herself. Hey, if she doesn’t need you, she isn’t going to come to your salon for a service. This is why hair and nails are always two sectors of the beauty industry that will always be in demand.

Magnetic’s Gel Polish for toes fits all five of those criteria, but there are a lot more benefits.

3.      How many products do you need to do a set?

Unlike most Gel Polish Systems tGel Polish for Toes and Fingershat need 5 products just to do a set of toes, Magnetic’ cutting edge Gel Polish System consists of only three products. These include a Gel Polish Bond, a Gel Polish All-In -One Top and Base Coat and then a colour of your choice. This keeps your costs down and means you have less stock to carry. (By the way, did you know that the secret to success in business is simple? Keep your expenses low and your profit margins high.)

4.      How long does Magnetics Gel Polish last on toes?

That depends on how fast your toenails grow, but because Magnetics Gel Polish is a high-quality product made in Europe, we regularly see clients keeping wearing their Gel Polish for up to eight weeks.

5.      How long is a treatment?

Gel Polish is quick and easy to apply and you can do a set within forty minutes. The Gel Polish cures in 2 minutes under a UV Lamp and under Magnetics Twin LED Light, the Gel is cured in 30 seconds!

6.      How much can I charge?  

That depends on your target market, the area in which you are based and most importantly your sales skills. Most Salons average between R180 and R250 for Gel Polish on Toes and we regularly see Salons charging up to R400 for a Spa Pedi with Gel Polish.

7.      How many colours are available?

Magnetic has over 100 Gel Polish colours available and new colours are regularly released depending on seasons and fashion trends. Right now, to help you boost your margins over the December peak period, all  our Gel Polish Colours are on special.

8.      How much does a Magnetic Gel Polish kit cost?

A complete Gel Polish Kit costs only R1009. This includes a Gel Polish Bond, Gel Polish Top and Base Coat, One Gel Polish Colour of your choice as well as a Nail Antiseptic and Finishing Wipe. If you are already using Magnetics Nail Antiseptic or Finishing Wipe in your Salon, then you don’t need to repurchase these in the kit. If you want to buy more Gel Polish colours you can buy as many or as few as your market needs.

9.      How many sets can I get from just one kit?

Conservatively speaking, you will average at 50 sets of toes per kit. In other words, one kit will service a large number of customers.

10. What is the cost per set of toes?

Magnetics Gel Polish gives you great profit margins because the cost of product per treatment is only  R20,18. This means the profit is good. So for example, if you sell your Gel Toes for R250 a set, you are left with R229,82 profit for 40 minutes’ worth of work. Plus, you can upsell Nail Art with the Gel Toes and increase your margins even more.

11. Can I do Nail Art on Magnetic Gel Polish?

Oh yes you can! Clients love Nail Art on their toe nails and you can do Stamp Nail Art, Glitters, Foils, 3d Embossed, Chromes Pigments, Fashion Stickers and a lot more on Magnetics Gel Polish for toes.

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Step 1

Magnetic Gel Polish on Toes_1-w750

Prepare the natural nail with Magnetic’s Nail Antiseptic and push the cuticles back with a metal cuticle pusher.

Step 2

Magnetic Gel Polish on Toes_2-w750

Prepare Nail plate with a diamond prep bit and then shape free edge of the natural nail.

Step 3

Magnetic Gel Polish on Toes_3-w750

Remove dust with a nail brush after you have cleansed the natural nail with Nail Antiseptic

Step 4

Magnetic Gel Polish on Toes_4-w750

Apply a thin coat of Magnetic’s Gelpolish Bond to the nail plate

Step 5

Magnetic Gel Polish on Toes_5-w750

Apply a thin coat of Gelpolish Base & Top Coat, hold the brush flat to allow the base coat to have a thin application. Cure for 2 minutes in a UV lamp & 30 seconds in Twin LED light

Step 6

Magnetic Gel Polish on Toes_6-w750

Apply an even coat of your chosen Gelpolish colour with a flat brush, make sure the application is thin and even. Cure for 2 minutes in a UV lamp & 10 seconds in Twin LED light

Step 7

Magnetic Gel Polish on Toes_7-w750

Apply Gelpolish Base & Top Coat as a protective top coat to seal in your chosen colour, apply a thin coat with a flat brush, make sure the application is thin and even. Cure for 2 minutes in a UV lamp & 30 seconds in Twin LED light

Step 8

Magnetic Gel Polish on Toes_8-w750

Remove the dispersion layer of the Top Gel using Magnetic’s Finishing Wipe.

Step 9

Magnetic Gel Polish on Toes_9-w750

Lastly, apply Apricot or Lemon Cuticle Oil and massage into the cuticle area of the nail.

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