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Your nail business doesn’t have to be a victim of Winter

“Victim” – According to the dictionary, a victim is a person who has come to feel helpless and passive in the face of events they can’t control.

Pay attention to the words “helpless” and “passive” Do they describe you and your nail business?

I ask because the word victim seems to describe so many Nail Tech’s and Salon Owners at this time of the year.

There is a mind-set in the nail and beauty industry that during winter, business has to be slow. Since the weather really started cooling down this month, every time I ask a Nail Tech, “How is business” I get the same answer “business is dead slow!” The worst part is that everyone accepts it as an inevitable, unchangeable fact of life.

We disagree! Sure, some services (i.e. tanning) are seasonal, but does a Nail business have drop drastically during June, July and August? I don’t believe it has to.

I know of a young Nail Tech in a quiet street in the East Rand whose business is so busy her husband is building on to their house. Yet less than 15 minutes away, I know of another Nail Tech whose Salon is right near the airport on a busy main road yet her business is on the verge of closing. She is working a second job to keep her nail business afloat.

Why is it that most businesses are quiet during winter? Think about the 2 words that describe a victim – “helpless” and “passive.”

When business begins to slow towards the end of summer, Salon Owners start feeling helpless because they don’t know how to get more customers, they have never been taught how to grow their business. Helplessness quickly turns to passivity. Instead of marketing more aggressively during winter they give up altogether. If you don’t believe me, go and read your local newspaper.

I am not a big believer in print media marketing, but every week two local Alberton Newspapers get delivered to Magnetic’s Head Office. There are usually 12 – 15 Salons that advertise in them. Since the weather turned cold guess how many Salons are advertising? Only two to four! Instead of doing more marketing – Nail Tech’s do less in winter. Instead of marketing aggressively when their competitors are sleeping, most Salons wait till summer. When competition is the toughest, that’s when they start to market again. It just doesn’t make sense.

Winter comes once a year every year. It is predictable. You can’t control the seasons, but you can control your marketing.

Every time I ask a Salon Owner, “How is business?” I always ask a second question, “What are you doing about it?” The answer is always the same – “nothing.” The truth is, your Salon is not a victim of winter, it’s a victim of passivity! This winter you can For example

  • You can implement a winter marketing plan of action. If you don’t have one, you can get one from Magnetic!
  • You can learn how to create irresistible special offers without discounting. We would love to show you how…
  • You can learn how to use sms, whatsapp, email and Facebook to put those specials in front of customers.
  • You can learn how to use your client cards to make more money and get more bookings
  • You can learn how to quickly and easily implement a word of mouth marketing campaign – we can show you how

You don’t have to be helpless during the winter months. You don’t have to sit passively hoping that customers will come and business will be good. There are many Magnetic Nail Tech’s that are busy in spite of the cold weather.

Help for the Winter months

We have put together three workshops over the next few weeks to help you grow your business, increase your profits and save your time every time to do a set of nails. Magnetic Nail Academy is there to help you. Empower yourself with knowledge, empower yourself by taking action.

If you want to learn how to implement the sms, whatsapp, email and word of mouth marketing strategies I spoke about, marketing get to our Marketing Workshop on the 1st and the 8th of June. There are still a few seats open. Click on the picture below to book a seat.

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Keep an eye on this blog because over the next few weeks I am going to post a number of practical “How to” articles that will also help you keep your diary full.

We have also put together a brand new Gel Polish and Smile Line Workshop. You don’t want to miss this workshop. We want to help you increase the volume of clients passing through your business this winter and Gel Polish with Magnetic’s new Smile Line Nail Art is the perfect way to do this. Customers love the fact that they can quickly pop in to the Salon for a new Gel Polish colour with Nail Art. Come and see our new nail art and new Gel Polish Colours for Winter. Smile Line Stickers are available only from Magnetic and there will be special deals on Gel Polish kits and Nail Art on the day

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